Let Us Follow Him

H. M. Caldwell Company, 1897 - 241 páginas

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Página 125 - Behold the handmaid of the Lord: May it be done to me according to thy word.
Página 133 - This was the only word he remembered and the only word he could utter. The face of Krishna suddenly brightened. "Wondrous maiden, I have found in the world the place worthy of thee; dwell in the heart of the poet.
Página 132 - Slowly the dawn commenced to spread its light in the eastern heavens, the golden ' glow covered the lake, palms, and bamboo groves. The choir of birds burst forth with their morning song, the rosy stork, the blue crane, the...
Página 133 - Seeing the embodied lotus, he ceased playing, the pearly shells slipped slowly from his hands, his arms drooped by his side, and he stood speechless, as if great Krishna had transformed him into a tree; and the god was glad to see admiration for his work, and said: "Awake, Valmiki, and speak.

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