The Art of Anaesthesia

Lippincott, 1922 - 371 páginas

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Página 362 - LANE MEDICAL LIBRARY 300 PASTEUR DRIVE PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA 94304 Ignorance of Library's rules does not exempt violators from penalties.
Página 11 - The nervous system is divided into the central nervous system (CNS), consisting of the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system (PNS), consisting of the spinal and cranial nerves.
Página 7 - With a knowledge of merciful regard as to the intensity of the agony which she is to suffer, opiates and stimulants have been freely given her, which, perhaps, at this last stage, are again repeated. She is cheered by kind words and the information that it will soon be over and she freed forever from what now afflicts her; she is enjoined to be calm, and to keep quiet and still, and, with assistance at hand to hold her struggling form, the operation is commenced. "But of what avail are all her attempts...
Página 178 - ... protoplasm was somewhat granular and small droplets of fat were found in the cells about the central veins and in the portal spaces. This fat was only slightly in excess of that in the controls. The kidneys were of normal size, capsule not adherent, cortex not thickened, markings distinct. Microscopically the cells of the tubules were well preserved throughout; their outlines were distinct, the nuclei staining sharply, the protoplasm granular, the tubules containing in some places some granular...
Página xxii - Even as a surgeon minding off to cut Some cureless limb, before in use he put His violent engines on the vicious member, Briugeth his patient in a senseless slumber, And griefless then, guided by use and art To save the whole, cuts off the affected part.
Página 177 - ... slight cough on the first day, which became more marked on the following days. It showed no pneumonia on autopsy. In none of these animals could any necrosis in any of the parenchyma be found. In the lungs occasional small areas of a deeper red than the surrounding substance, containing an increase in amount of blood on section, showed congestion. The heart muscle in each dog was found to be of normal color, striations distinct, no apparent increase in fat. There were no hemorrhages in the mucosa...
Página xxi - Helen dropped into the wine of which (the soldiers) drank a drug, an antidote of grief and pain inducing oblivion to all ills. He who drinks of this mingled cup sheds not a tear the livelong day were death to seize his venerated sire or her who gave him birth, or were the sword buried in the bosom of his brother or greatly loved sister, no tear would even then bedew his cheeks.
Página 176 - ... 8). In the kidney, chloroform anesthesia causes a marked congestion with a cloudy swelling and occasionally hemorrhages into the parenchyma. The cells of the tubules are swollen and granular, occluding most of the lumen; in other places they have disappeared entirely. Fatty degeneration is present and in many cases pronounced (Figure 9).
Página 176 - ... 7). With more prolonged action the changes approach those found in delayed chloroform poisoning in man. The liver appears yellow and fatty with scattered hemorrhages. The cells about the centers of the lobules are entirely necrotic, a granular mass remaining. Outside of this is an area of cells which have undergone hyaline and fatty degeneration, with normal cells at the periphery. In some cases the liver cells have almost entirely disappeared with only a few scattered living cells in the portal...
Página 176 - ... symptoms and lesions corresponding in detail with those of delayed chloroform poisoning in man. Thus we find in these three conditions, eclampsia, delayed chloroform poisoning in man and chloroform anesthesia in animals, many similarities. Pathologically there is central necrosis, parenchymatous and fatty degeneration in the liver; congestion, parenchymatous and fatty degeneration in the tubules of the kidney and a tendency to hemorrhages throughout the body. Clinically in delayed chloroform...

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