A year and a day, by madame Panache


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Página 95 - The crow doth sing as sweetly as the lark When neither is attended, and I think The nightingale, if she should sing by day, When every goose is cackling, would be thought No better a musician than the wren.
Página 189 - The dancing pair that simply sought renown, By holding out, to tire each other down; The swain mistrustless of his smutted face, While secret laughter tittered round the place; The bashful virgin's sidelong looks of love, The matron's glance that would those looks reprove.
Página 102 - But heavenly portrait of bright angel's hue, Clear as the sky, withouten blame or blot, Through goodly mixture of complexions due; And in her cheeks the vermeil red did shew Like roses in a bed of lilies shed, The which ambrosial odours from them threw ; And gazers' sense with double pleasure fed ; Able to heal the sick and to revive the dead.
Página 79 - Katterfelto, with his hair on end At his own wonders, wondering for his bread.
Página 17 - On croit souvent avoir la conscience délicate, non pas à cause des sacrifices qu'on lui fait, mais à cause de la peine qu'on prend avec elle pour s'exempter de lui en faire.
Página 236 - When he shall hear, she died upon his words, The idea of her life shall sweetly creep Into his study of imagination ; And every lovely organ of her life Shall come apparell'd in more precious habit, Into the eye and prospect of his soul, Than when she liv'd indeed : then shall he mourn, And wish he had not so accused her ; No, though he thought his accusation true.
Página 128 - Allons vite, des commissaires, des archers, des prev6ts, des juges, des genes, des potences et des bourreaux. Je veux faire pendre tout le monde; et si je ne retrouve mon argent, je me pendrai moimeme apres.
Página 163 - What a fine gentleman ! bless me, what a thing it is! — this is a fine gentleman! — ha, ha, ha! I never saw any thing so comical in all my life— ha, ha, ha! — and this is a fine gentleman, of which I have heard so much ! Dupeley.
Página 215 - Gracias al cielo doy que ya del cuello del todo el grave yugo he sacudido, y que del viento el mar embravecido veré desde la tierra sin temello. Veré colgada de un sutil cabello la vida del amante embebecido en su error, y en su engaño adormecido, sordo a las voces que le avisan dello.

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