John Milton: The Critical Heritage Volume 1 1628-1731, Volumen1;Volúmenes1628-1731

John T. Shawcross
Routledge, 2013 M10 28 - 288 páginas
First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Personal Statements and Contemporary Evaluations 16281674
Early writing preferences 1628
The sacred poet 1629
Translation of Psalm 114 into Greek 1634
Hope for immortality 1637
ADDISON on Paradise Lost 1694
GILDONS vindication of Paradise Lost 1694
HUMES annotations of Paradise Lost 1695
DENNIS on Miltons Devils 1696
WESLEY on heroic poetry 1697
BAYLES notice 1697
LESLIE on Miltons theology 1698
TOLAND on various poems 1698

Faith in literary ability 1638
WOTTON on Comus 1638
Subject for poetic work 1638
Poetic plans 1642
The might of the pen 1642
Of Education and the place of writing in its plan 1644
Aim of Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce 1644
SALSILLI on Milton 1645
MANSO on Milton 1645
DATI on Milton 1645
His Poems 1647
Writing activities in the 1640s 1654
The First Defense 1658
Aim in De Doctrina Christiana before 1660
Anonymous attack on The Readie and Easie Way 1660
Verse of Paradise Lost 1668
The nature of tragedy 1671
BUTLER on Milton early 1670s
LEIGH on the antiprelatical tracts 1673
MARVELL in defence of Milton 1673
MARVELL on Paradise Lost 1674
LEE on Paradise Lost 1674
Further Seventeenthcentury Comment 16751699
PHILLIPSS notice of his uncle 1675
ELLWOODS Epitaph on Milton 1675
AUBREYS notes for a Life late 1670s
FRANCIS CRADDOCK on Paradise Lost 1680
ROSCOMMON on Paradise Lost 1685
DRYDEN on Paradise Lost 1685
SKINNER on Milton 1686
WINSTANLEYS notice 1687
DRYDENS Epigram1688
DENNIS on rhyme 1692
PRESTON on Miltons fame 1693
DRYDEN on Paradise Lost 1693
PHILLIPS on various works 1694
YALDEN on Miltons prose 1698
Eighteenthcentury Comment to Bentleys Edition of Paradise Lost 17001731
OLDYS on Milton 1700
DENNIS on Miltons sublimity 1701
DENNIS on Paradise Lost 1704
TRUMBULL on minor poems 1705
DEFOE on Paradise Lost 1706
WATTSs tribute to Milton 1706
SWIFT on Miltons divorce tracts 1708
ADDISON and STEELE on Paradise Lost Tatler 1709
Anonymous statement of Miltons sublimity 1709
SHAFTESBURY on heroic poetry 1710
DEFOE on the two epics 1711
ADDISONS papers on Paradise Lost Spectator 1712
ADDISON on imagination and Paradise Lost Spectator 1712
WELSTED on Miltons sublimity 1712
ELLWOOD on the composition of the epics 1714
EUSDEN on reading Addison 1714
HUGHES on the allegory of sin and death 1715
BLACKMORE on epic poetry 1716
ATTERBURY on Milton 1717
GILDON on heroic poetry 1718
DENNIS on Miltons reputation 1719
GILDON on Miltons immortality 1721
DENNIS on Paradise Lost 17212
ATTERBURY on the Original MS and Samson Agonistes 1722
WELSTED on Miltons language 1724
FENTON on Paradise Lost 1725
BURNETS notice after 1700
VOLTAIRE on Milton 1727
LYTTLETON on Milton 1728
SALMON on Abdiel 1728
DENNIS on Miltons poetical fire 1729
CLARKE on defects in Paradise Lost 1731

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