Jews for Sale?: Nazi-Jewish Negotiations, 1933-1945

Yale University Press, 1994 - 306 páginas
Describes Jewish attempts to facilitate the emigration of German Jews to Palestine (1933-38) and, during the war, to prevent deportation and annihilation through negotiations with Nazi representatives. Examines the main stages of the Transfer Agreement. Focuses on contacts of Jews with Eichmann or other Nazi officials between 1938-41 aimed at Jewish emigration. From fall 1941, Nazi emigration policy was replaced by mass murder. Delays, negotiations, and release of Jews after 1941 were not an indication of changes in Nazi policy but merely of a tactical retreat, conceived by Himmler, in order to regain the initiative that would enable Germany to execute its genocidal program. Analyzes the negotiations in Slovakia in 1942-43 between Jewish leaders and Wisliceny. Discusses the actions taken by Kasztner and Brand to rescue Hungarian Jews in 1944, as well as their controversial contacts and agreements with Eichmann, Wisliceny, and Becher. Mentions, also, Wallenberg's and Bernadotte's rescue actions. Discusses the Allies' stance, noting that they never really understood the Nazi policy against the Jews, and refused to negotiate anything except surrender. Concludes that those Jews who were involved in negotiations with the Nazis did the right thing and took the only possible way to save lives.

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JEWS FOR SALE?: Nazi-Jewish Negotiations, 1933-1945

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Bauer offers an eye-opening look into the following question: Could Jewish leaders in America, England, Palestine, and occupied Europe itself have ransomed significant numbers of their brethren? Bauer ... Leer comentario completo

Jews for sale? : Nazi-Jewish negotiations, 1933-1945

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This well-written and magnificently researched volume reexamines controversial Jewish attempts to negotiate with the Nazis to effect the rescue of Jews in the Holocaust. Bauer, a distinguished Israeli ... Leer comentario completo

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