Sketches of short tours at home and abroad, Volumen1

Hamilton, Adams & Company, 1878
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Página 175 - YE, who with warmth the public triumph feel Of talents dignified by sacred zeal, Here, to devotion's bard devoutly just, Pay your fond tribute due to Cowper's dust ! England, exulting in his spotless fame, Ranks with her dearest sons his favourite name.
Página 200 - Its meadows fertile, and, to crown the whole, In one delightful word, it is our home — Our native isle !
Página 183 - England's hill and dale, have passed by Heaven's decree, A changing light, a chequer'd shade, a mingled company. The good, the bad, have had their day, the Lord hath worked His will ; And England keeps her ancient faith, purer and brighter still. Where are they now, the famous men who lived in olden time ? They never see the noonday sun, nor hear the midnight chime. They sleep within their narrow cell, waiting the trumpet's voice ; Lord ! grant that I may rest in peace, and when I wake — rejoice.
Página 109 - Thou makest darkness, and it is night, wherein all the beasts of the forest do creep forth. 0 Lord, how manifold are thy works ! in wisdom hast thou made them all : the earth is full of thy riches.
Página 20 - We miss the cantering team, the winding way, The roadside halt, the post-horn's well-known air, The inns, the gaping towns, and all the landscape fair...
Página 150 - ... outside edge of the buttresses, and thus forms interior chapels all round, in addition to the aisles, gives a vast multiplicity of perspective below, which fills out the idea produced by the gigantic height of the central space. Such terms will not be considered extravagant when it is recollected that the vault is half as high again as the roof of Westminster Abbey.
Página 198 - Visitors are permitted to wander at their pleasure through the woods of Bolton, except on Sunday ; and an hour or two will not be misspent in exploring their beauties. The STRID is a contraction of the channel of the Wharfe, about two miles above the priory.
Página 63 - Creek, near the point where the Exe river joins it and forms a lake-like sheet of water. Crossing the bridge (adjoining which is the modern representative of the old mill of the abbey), and passing through the gate-house, overhung, like the long wall of the precincts, •with thick masses of ivy, you find...
Página 36 - ... mounts some cannon, and is garrisoned by a regiment of soldiers; but though there are some good houses and strong works within, it is not, in the modern acceptation of the word, a formidable fortification. Nothing can be more charmingly picturesque than the town of St. Peter's, seen from the water. It is built on the slope of an eminence, with the houses overtopping each other; and on approaching after sunset, the various lights from the windows give it a brilliant appearance of illumination....
Página 45 - ... two headlands, terminates in a fine rocky bay, within which are many caverns, and also the entries to one of those curious funnel-shaped openings called creux, of which the Pot in Little Serk, and several others round the coast, are less perfect examples. The " Creux du Derrible," as this is called, is a large natural shaft or chimney, communicating below with the sea, and opening above into a field. It resembles the shaft of a mine, and a wild growth of brambles and furze surrounds the opening,...

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