The geography of the British Isles, Volumen1

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Página 190 - Three poets, in three distant ages born, Greece, Italy, and England, did adorn. The first, in loftiness of thought surpassed; The next, in majesty; in both the last. The force of Nature could no further go; To make a third, she joined the former two.
Página 246 - When Learning's triumph o'er her barbarous foes First reared the stage immortal Shakespeare rose: Each change of many-colour'd life he drew, Exhausted worlds and then imagined new : Existence saw him spurn her bounded reign, And panting Time toiled after him in vain : His powerful strokes presiding Truth impressed And unresisted Passion stormed the breast.
Página 220 - Had I served my God as faithfully as I have served my king, he would not thus have forsaken me in my old age" The character you appear to us in, is truly ridiculous.
Página 154 - At which words King Edward said nothing, but with his hand thrust him from him (or, as some say...
Página 30 - The market-place is spacious and handsome, being surrounded by good shops and houses ; and the wh' ole place has a very agreeable appearance. The chief trade of the town is in corn, sent from the market into the dales of the moors ; and in lead, which is brought from the mines about fourteen miles westward from Richmond, and conveyed by land carriage to Boroughbridge and Yarm.
Página 8 - This town derives its name from its situation at the mouth of the river Cocker, which separates it into two parts, and then falls into the Derwent near the western extremity of the town. The streets are spacious, but irregularly built; yet many of the houses are neat, particularly those on the acclivity leading to the castle.
Página 256 - The duke, bowing low to the ground, answered, ' My lord, I am come before you sent for me; the reason why I will shewe you. The common fame among your people is such, that ye have for the space of twenty or two and twenty years, ruled them very rigorously: but, if it please our Lord, I will helpe you to govern better!
Página 11 - ... to the view of rocks that rise immediately beyond,' and are again overlooked by others. The precipices seldom overshoot the water, but are arranged at some distance ; and the shores swell with woody eminences, or sink into green pastoral margins. Masses...
Página 186 - It is also the seat of many considerable manufactures ; some almost peculiar to itself, as administering to the demands of studied splendour, and refined luxury ; others in which it participates with the manufacturing towns in general, with this difference, that only the finer and more costly of their works are performed here. The most important of its peculiar manufactures is the silk weaving established in Spitalfields by refugees from France.
Página 155 - There are records so early as 687 of this place, when the Saxon kings assembled here to consult on the mode of carrying on the war with the Britons. In the fourteenth century this town became the principal mart for wool, and the residence of many opulent merchants ; but as the wool trade became more generally diffused Campden gradually declined, and both the manufacturers and merchandise of early days are now totally lost.

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