Chronicle of the Cid: Crónica Particular Del Cid

D. Bixby, 1846 - 486 páginas
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Página 432 - But Abishai the son of Zeruiah succoured him, and smote the Philistine, and killed him. Then the men of David sware unto him, saying, Thou shalt go no more out with us to battle, that thou quench not the light of Israel.
Página 450 - God! is the Count of Saldana indeed coming? — ' Look where he is,' replied the cruel King, ' and now go and greet him whom you have so long desired to see.
Página 470 - We dragg'd you forth in all men's sight, dripping from the drain ; For shame, never wear a mantle, nor a knightly robe again ! I fight upon this plea without more ado ; The daughters of the Cid are worthier far than you. Before the combat part you shall avow it true, And that you have been a traitor and a coward too.
Página 444 - Caesar should be a beast without a heart If he should stay at home to-day for fear. No, Caesar shall not: danger knows full well That Caesar is more dangerous than he. We are two lions littered in one day, And I the elder and more terrible: — And Caesar shall go forth.
Página 319 - The Campeador put up his hand to his beard, and said, What hast thou to do with my beard, Count ? Thanks be to God, it is long because it hath been kept for my pleasure ;* never son of woman hath taken * Par esa es lucnga que a deliciofue creada.
Página 126 - Amen." And the King's colour changed; and the Cid repeated the oath unto him a second time, and the King and the twelve knights said "Amen" to it in like manner, and in like manner the countenance of the King was changed again. And my Cid repeated the oath unto him a third time, and the King and the knights said "Amen.
Página 389 - Ay de mi Alhama! Cartas le fueron venidas que Alhama era ganada: las cartas echó en el fuego y al mensajero matara. Ay de mi Alhama!
Página 134 - And as he was about to depart he looked back upon his own home, and when he saw his hall deserted, the household chests unfastened, the doors open, no cloaks hanging up, no seats in the porch, no hawks upon the perches, the tears came into his eyes, and he said, My enemies have done this. . . God be praised for all things.
Página 133 - Cid clapt spurs to the mule upon which he rode, and vaulted into a piece of ground which was his own inheritance, and answered, "Sir, I am not in your land, but in my own." And the King replied full wrathfully, " Go out of my kingdoms without any delay." And the Cid made answer,
Página 456 - De Castiella la gentil exidos somos acá Si con Moros non lidiaremos non nos darán del pan; Bien somos nos seiscientos , algunos hay de mas. En el nombre del Criador que non pase por al : Vayamos los ferir en aquel dia de eras.

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