Records of My Life, Volumen1


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Página 109 - And social sorrow loses half its pain" — the following couplet was inserted : — " Amidst the toils of this returning year, When senators and nobles learn to fear, Our little bard without complaint may share The bustling season's epidemic care.
Página 212 - Lydia's monarch should the search descend, By Solon caution'd to regard his end ; In life's last scene what prodigies surprise, Fears of the brave, and follies of the wise ! From Marlborough's eyes the streams of dotage flow, And Swift expires a driveller and a show.
Página 233 - Aristotle is praised for naming Fortitude first of the cardinal virtues, as that without which no other virtue can steadily be practised; but he might, with equal propriety, have placed Prudence and Justice before it, since without Prudence Fortitude is mad; without Justice it is mischievous.
Página 29 - BUSY, curious, thirsty fly, Drink with me, and drink as I; Freely welcome to my cup. Could'st thou sip and sip it up. Make the most of life you may, Life is short, and wears away. Both alike are mine and thine, Hastening quick to their decline ; Thine's a summer, mine's no more, Though repeated to threescore; Threescore summers, when they're gone, Will appear as short as one.
Página 242 - ... guess which of these parties is the better pleased, the couple joined, or the couple parted; the one rejoicing in hopes of an untasted happiness, and the other in their deliverance from an experienced misery. Both happy in their several states we find, Those parted by consent, and those conjoined. Consent, if mutual, saves the lawyer's fee, Consent is law enough to set you free.
Página 1 - But doth not the appetite alter? A man loves the meat in his youth, that he cannot endure in his age: Shall quips, and sentences, and these paper bullets of the brain, awe a man from the career of his humour? No: The world must be peopled. When I said, I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married.— Here comes Beatrice : By this day, she's a fair lady : I do spy some marks of love in her.
Página 29 - ... curious, thirsty fly, Drink with me, and drink as I ; Freely welcome to my cup, Couldst thou sip and sip it up ; Make the most of life you may, Life is short and wears away, Both alike are mine and thine, Hastening quick to thy decline ; Thine 'sa summer, mine no more, Though repeated to threescore ; Threescore summers, when they 're gone, Will appear as short as one.
Página 9 - WITH no poetic ardour fir'd I press the bed where Wilmot lay ; That here he lov'd, or here expir'd, Begets no numbers grave, or gay. But in thy roof, Argyle, are bred Such thoughts as prompt the brave to lie Stretch'd out in honour's nobler bed, Beneath a nobler roof — the sky. Such flames as high in patriots burn, Yet stoop to bless a child or wife ; And such as wicked kings may mourn, When freedom is more dear than life.
Página 228 - Third. The house was immediately lighted, the rest of the performers attended, and the tar took his station in the front row of the pit. Mr. Kemble performed the part of Richard, the play happening to be what is styled one of the "stock-pieces" of the company. The play was performed throughout, the sailor was very attentive, sometimes laughing and applauding, but frequently on the lookout lest some other auditor might intrude upon his enjoyment. He retired perfectly satisfied, and cordially thanked...
Página 240 - Cornhill, where was, in 1885, a West Indian but no African Tavern ; and the Turk's Head, No. 142 Strand (see JOHNSON, p. 170). I afterwards used to meet Porson every night at the Turk's Head in the Strand, where he retained his devotion to i • -iiri -I ier, t • M.

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