Apparitions of Faith

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After the Death of Christ the Apostles were scared that the Roman Solders were looking for them. The Apostles took refuge in there homes. When Mary Magdalena went to YESHUA's tomb, she noticed that the entrance was opened, she quickly ran into the tomb but instead of seeing YESHUA there was an angel sitting and proclaiming that he has risen. Mary ran out of the tomb and went to tell the Apostles that YESHUA as risen. Suddenly, YESHUA appeared and said, Peace be with you. YESHUA stayed with the Apostils for 40 days; before he acceded to his father, the Apostles received the Holy Sprit. This gave the Apostles insight and wisdom to go out and teach the word of YESHUA to the world. The Apostles had power to cast out demons, heal the sick, and perform miracles. YESHUA told the Apostles that he will return in the End Times. As YESHUA was ascending to heaven, an angel told them, why, are you looking up, don''''t you know that YESHUA will return the same way he left. YESHUA will return to the Mount of Olives in the End Times to take ownership of his kingdom, which he purchased with his blood. After the Mother of "YESHUA" ascended into Heaven in 40 AD, God as granted the holy "Mother of Jesus" permission to appear to humanity. The visitations of the Holy Mother as increased the last 100 years. Her message to humanity was that her son Jesus is very sad the way humanity as been living. The Holy Mother ask that humanity pray and repent from there evil ways. In 1917, Mary "Mother of Jesus" apparition was seen in FATIMA by three young children. The "Mother of YESHUA" gave three young children, three prophecies for the world. Two prophecies has already happened, the last prophecy was so terrifying that the Vatican in Rome decided only to release some of its prophecy to the world. The Vatican did release part of the third prophecy that proclaimed that a future Pope would be assassinated. It also gave the Pope''''s name. The Name of the Pope was Pope John Paul II. Som

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