The Life of Peter the Great, Formerly Emperor of Russia

Moore & Lake, 1813 - 316 páginas
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Página 246 - God. For as I spare not my own life for the good of my country, and the safety of my people, why should...
Página 171 - ... to expect in this cafe. And we perfuade ourfelf that your imperial majefty, who are a prince...
Página 10 - ... man. Peter the Great at his accession to the throne, found his subjects of all ranks involved in the grossest ignorance and barbarism ; his numerous armies ferocious and undisciplined...
Página 237 - But, forgetting the fear and commandments of God, who enjoins obedience even to private parents, and much more to those who are at the same time sovereigns...
Página 69 - And next he commanded, that a pattern of clothes of the English fashion should be hung up at all the gates of the city of Moscow, and that publication should be made, that all persons (excepting the common peasants who brought goods and provisions into the city) should make their...
Página 174 - that though her majesty could not inflict such a punishment as was required, because of the defect in that particular of the former established constitutions of her kingdom, yet with the unanimous consent of the parliament she had caused a new act to be passed, to serve as a law for the future.
Página 235 - ... rank, he might acquire the qualifications worthy of a successor to our throne of Great Russia. Nevertheless, we have seen with grief, that all attention and care, for the education and instruction of our son, proved ineffectual and useless, seeing he always swerved from his filial obedience, shewing no application for what was becoming a worthy successor, and slighting the precepts of the masters we had appointed for him ; but, on the contrary, frequenting disorderly persons, from whom he could...

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