Excursions in North Wales: a complete guide to the tourist. Ed. by J. Hicklin [from J. Hemingway's Panorama of ... North Wales].


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Página 116 - ... two sons, Griffith and Jenkin, from the latter of whom sprang a long succession of knightly descendants. Two of these were created baronets.
Página 102 - He was governor of Denbigh Castle in the reigns of Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth.
Página 104 - September, 1828; it was honoured by the presence of his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, and most of the nobility and gentry of the surrounding country.
Página 23 - ... and the raising and lowering of the buckets, to draw out the ore and the rubbish ; the noise of picking the ore from the rock, and of hammering the wadding, when...
Página 104 - This spot was often dignified by the presence of SAMUEL JOHNSON, LL.D. Whose moral writings, exactly conformable to the precepts of Christianity, Gave ardour to Virtue and confidence to Truth.
Página 34 - ... on the raft ; which operation was completed in ten minutes. " The next process was the fastening of the other extremity of the chain on the raft to two blocks of immense size and power, for the purpose of hoisting it up to its intended station, the apex of the suspension pier on the Anglesea side. When the blocks were made secure to the chain, (comprising twenty-five...
Página 195 - Denbigh, and a portion of Montgomeryshire. Nearly the whole of Merioneth succeeds ; and drawing a line with the eye along the diameter of the circle, we take in the regions stretching from the triple crown of Cader Idris to the sterile crags of Carnedds David and Llywelyn.
Página 105 - Around this peaceful cot, this humble shed, If health, if confidence, if virtue tread, Though no proud column grace the gaudy door, Where sculptured elegance parades it o'er ; Nor pomp without, nor pageantry within, Nor splendid show, nor ornament is seen, The swain shall look with pity on the great, Nor barter quiet for a king's estate. 1768.
Página 92 - ... One hundred yards from the church, adjoining the turnpike road, is St. Beuno's well, eight feet square , enclosed by a wall eight feet high. The place is now exposed to ruin and the vilest filth. The spring has been suffered to grow up, so that it now contains little water. After St. Beuno's death this well was much famed for healing the sick, and particularly for curing the rickets in children...
Página 53 - Not long after this event the monastery became neglected, and went entirely to decay. William of Malmsbury, who lived shortly after the Norman conquest, asserts, that even in his time there remained only some relics of its ancient magnificence : there were, he says, so many ruined churches, and such immense heaps of rubbish, as were not elsewhere to be found.

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