Innovation and Marketing in the Video Game Industry: Avoiding the Performance Trap

Gower Publishing, Ltd., 2012 M08 28 - 280 páginas

Video games have had a greater impact on our society than almost any other leisure activity. They not only consume a large portion of our free time, they influence cultural trends, drive microprocessor development, and help train pilots and soldiers. Now, with the Nintendo Wii and DS, they are helping people stay fit, facilitating rehabilitation, and creating new learning opportunities.

Innovation has played a major role in the long term success of the video game industry, as software developers and hardware engineers attempt to design products that meet the needs of ever widening segments of the population. At the same time, companies with the most advanced products are often proving to be less successful than their competitors.

Innovation and Marketing in the Video Game Industry identifies patterns that will help engineers, developers, and marketing executives to formulate better business strategies and successfully bring new products to market. Readers will also discover how some video game companies are challenging normal industry rules by using radical innovations to attract new customers. Finally, this revealing book sheds light on why some innovations have attracted legions of followers among populations that have never before been viewed as gamers, including parents and senior citizens and how video games have come to be used in a variety of socially beneficial ways.

David Wesley and Gloria Barczak's comparison of product features, marketing strategies, and the supply chain will appeal to marketing professionals, business managers, and product design engineers in technology intensive industries, to government officials who are under increasing pressure to understand and regulate video games, and to anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of one of the most important industries to emerge in modern times. In addition, as video games become an ever more pervasive aspect of media entertainment, managers from companies of all stripes need to understand video gaming as a way to reach potential customers.


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Innovation and Marketing in the Video Game Industry: Avoiding the ...
Ms Gloria Barczak, Mr David Wesley - Business & Economics - 2012 - 280 pages
Based on their extensive research into the
business and marketing strategies of the video game industry, David Wesley and Gloria Barczak of Northeastern University's Institute for Global Innovation Management consider how and why, in the search for the holy grail of high definition gaming, many companies have become ensnared in a "performance trap" that causes them to lose sight of the customer. The history of technology is littered with examples of superior products that either failed or sold poorly relative to technically inferior competing products. Innovation and Marketing in the Video Game Industry examines the factors behind success and failure and identifies patterns that will help engineers, developers, and executives formulate better business strategies. A great read for anyone interested in video games and the entertainment business. Wesley and Barczak craft a compelling read based through the history of video games---the unexpected success stories and colossal failures---which give us a foundation of learning that help those of us in the industry make better decisions in this new era of gaming. Tom Sperry, CEO of Blade Games, Founding member of Microsoft Games Group This riveting and highly enjoyable book fully documents the history of the fascinating video game industry...uncovering the stunning triumphs and errors that mark an industry changing so fast that, at times, top management at the leading companies are barely able to keep up, let alone develop sound marketing plans. Anthony Di Benedetto, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Product Innovation Management, and Professor of Marketing, Temple University. Easy to read yet powerful in its insights, this book emphasizes the importance of consistently identifying and effectively serving customers' needs as a path to long-term corporate success. R. Duane Ireland, Editor of the Academy of Management Journal, and Distinguished Professor of Management, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University.
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David Wesley is a Research Manager at Northeastern University's College of Business Administration in Boston. His award-winning case studies on companies like Adidas, Hewlett-Packard, and Nintendo have appeared in numerous management textbooks and have been consistently ranked among the best-selling cases at Harvard Business School Publishing and Ivey Publishing. Mr. Wesley has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria.

Professor Gloria Barczak is Professor and Chair of the marketing department at Northeastern University and former director of the Executive MBA program. She has published over 25 articles and several book chapters in the area of innovation and new product development and was recently recognized as one of the top innovation management scholars in the world by the Journal of Product Innovation Management and has been awarded the Robert D. Klein University Lecturer for 2009-2010 award by Northeastern University. She is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Product Innovation Management, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and Creativity and Innovation Management.

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