A dictionary of quotations, in most frequent use [by D.E. Macdonnel]. By D.E. Macdonnel


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Página 11 - One man by delay restored the state ; for he preferred the public safety te idle report.
Página H-4 - The reputation of a man is like his shadow; it sometimes follows. and sometimes precedes him; it is sometimes longer, and sometimes shorter than his natural size.
Página 6 - Impressions long entertained are not easily erased. De facto. Lat. Law Phrase.—" From the fact." De Jure- Idem. — " From the law." — These opposite phrases are best explained together. In some instances, the penalty attaches on the offender at the instant when- the fact is committed; in others, not until he is convicted by law. In the former case, he is guilty de facto; in the latter, dejure.
Página 7 - You must use your own judgment on yourself. Great is the weight of conscience in deciding on your own- virtues and vices: if that be taken away, all is lost.

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