The Posthumous Works of Mr. Samuel Butler, (Author of Hudibras) Compleat in One Volume: Written in the Time of the Grand Rebellion, and in the Reign of King Charles II; Being a Collection of Satires, Speeches, and Reflections, Upon Those Times; Publish'd from Original and Scarce and Valuable Pieces Formerly Printed; to which is Added, A Key to Hudibras

R. Baldwin, 1754 - 319 páginas

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Página 32 - ... reap the field, And plant fresh laurels where they kill: But their strong nerves at last must yield; They tame but one another still: Early or late They stoop to fate, And must give up their murmuring breath, When they, pale captives, creep to death. The garlands wither on your brow, Then boast no more your mighty deeds; Upon Death's purple altar now See, where the victor-victim bleeds: Your heads must come To the cold tomb; Only the actions of the just Smell sweet, and blossom in their dust.
Página 11 - The man for th' equipage and horse, Is sure a strange ungrateful thing In any body, but a King. But, this good King, it seems was told By some, that were with him too bold, If e'er you hope to gain your ends, Caress your foes, and trust your friends.
Página 48 - As feeble damsels, for his sake, Would have been proud to undertake ; And, bravely ambitious .to redeem The world's loss and their own, Strove who should have the honour to lay down And change a life with him...
Página 280 - Imprimis, For my Soul, I confess I have heard very much of Souls, but what they are, or whom they are for, God knows, I know not ; they tell me now of another World, where I never was, nor do I know one foot of the way thither. While the King stood I was of his Religion, made my Son wear a Cassock, and thought to make him a Bishop ; then came the Scots, and made me a Presbyterian ; and since Cromwell entered I have been an Independent.
Página 213 - Tenements, or Hereditaments, within the Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick...
Página 285 - Mr. Lieutenant-General's honour is content to let it be fo, till he finds it convenient to turn you off, as well as his Excellency. Pray take it not ill that I whifper this in your ear ; for, now that he hath made you ferve his ends, he cares not fo he were rid of you, fince you may ferve them all as you did the king, in a new High Court of Juftice, becaufe you are pleafed to let it be fo. " The next place, Mr. Lieutenant-General, muft needs be yours.
Página 201 - Charge ; and therefore fatisfied with your own Evidence, you proceed to Sentence, and condemn the King with much Formality, by the fundamental Laws of this Kingdom, by the general Law of all Nations, and the unanimous...
Página 217 - Augmentation of the Maintenance of such Parsons, Vicars, Curates, and Ministers, officiating in any Church or Chapel within the Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick...
Página 147 - What's worse, Old Noll is marching off, And Dick, his heir apparent, Succeeds him in the government, A very lame vicegerent : He'll reign but little time, poor tool, But sink beneath the state, That will not fail to ride the fool 'Bove common horseman's weight."] "THE GOOD OLD CAUSE.
Página 229 - For his usual auditory is, most part, female; and as many sisters flock to him, as, at Paris, on St. Margaret's day, when all come to church, that are, or hope to be with child that year.

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