The Wandering Heir: A Matter-of-fact Romance

Chatto & Windus, 1889 - 309 páginas

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Página 309 - Fantastic Race! Thy various Follies, who can trace? Self-love, Ambition, Envy, Pride, Their Empire in our Hearts divide: Give others Riches, Power, and Station, 'Tis all on me an Usurpation. I have no Title...
Página 297 - Nor do they trust their tongues alone, But speak a language of their own; Can read a nod, a shrug, a look, Far better than a printed book; Convey a libel in a frown, And wink a reputation down; Or by the tossing of the fan, Describe the lady and the man.
Página 293 - Of prudes, coquettes, and harridans, When, frighted at the clamorous crew, Away the God of Silence flew, And fair Discretion left the place, And modesty with blushing face; Now enters overweening Pride, And Scandal, ever gaping wide, Hypocrisy with frown severe, Scurrility with gibing air; Rude laughter seeming like to burst, And Malice always judging worst; And Vanity with pocket glass, And Impudence with front of brass; And studied Affectation came, Each limb and feature out of frame ; While Ignorance,...
Página 196 - Harrison then and there instantly died: And so the jurors aforesaid upon their oath aforesaid do say, that the said...
Página 299 - Twas you that threw the Game away; "When Lady Tricksy play'da Four, 250 "You took it with a Matadore; "I saw you touch your Wedding-Ring "Before my Lady call'da King. "You spoke a Word began with H, "And I know whom you mean to teach, "Because you held the King of Hearts: "Fie, Madam, leave these little Arts. That's not so bad as one that rubs Her Chair to call the King of Clubs, And makes her Part'ner understand 260 A Matadore is in her Hand.
Página 301 - I guess the hand ; it seldom fails ; I wish some folks would pare their nails.
Página 261 - Good fortune peeping from behind; With panting heart, and earnest eyes, In hope to see spadillo rise; In vain, alas! her hope is fed; She draws an ace, and sees it red; In ready counters never pays, But pawns her snuff-box, rings, and keys; Ever with some new fancy struck, Tries twenty charms to mend her luck.
Página 297 - To see a knave's inverted heels! She draws up card by card, to find Good fortune peeping from behind; With panting heart, and earnest eyes, In hope to see spadillo rise; In vain, alas!
Página 297 - But now they hear a footman's rap : " Go, run, and light the ladies up : It must be one before we sup.
Página 263 - Madam, the goldsmith waits below; He says, ' His business is to know If you'll redeem the silver cup He keeps in pawn ? ' " — "First, show him up." " Your dressing-plate he'll be content To take, for interest cent, per cent. And, madam, there's my Lady Spade, Hath sent this letter by her maid.

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