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Palmers, Pilgrims, üi. II 3.
Pindars and Miltons, of the modern sort, iii. 164.

QUERNO, his Resemblance to Mr. Cibber, ii. 15.
Wept for joy, ibid. So did Mr. C. i. 243.

Resemblance of the Hero to several great Authors,

To Querno, ut supra. To Settle, iii. 37.

To Banks and Broome, i. 146.
Round-house, ii. prope fin.
RALPH (James), iii. 165. See Sawney.
Roomb and HORNECK, iii. 152.

Shakspeare, to be spelled always with an e at the end,

i. 1. but not with an e in the middle, ibid. An edi-
tion of him in Marble, ibid. mangled, altered, and
cut by the Players and Critics, i. 133. Very sore still

of Tibbald, ibid. Sepulchral Lies on Church-Walls, i. 43. SETTLE (Elkanah), Mr. Dennis's Account of him, iïi.

39. And Mr. Welfted's, ibid. Once preferred to Dryden, iii. 34. A Party-writer of Pamphlets, ib. and ii. 283. A writer of Farces and Drolls, and

employed at last in Bartholomew-Fair, iii. 283. Sawney, a Poem : the Author's great ignorance in Claffical Learning, i. 1.

-In languages, iii. 165.

-His Praises on himifelf above Mr. Addison, ibid.
Swiss of Heaven, who they are, ii. 358.
A flipfhod Sibyl, iii. 15.
Silenus described, iv: 492.
Scholiasts, iii, i9i. iv. 211. 232.
Supperless, a mistake concerning this word fet right

with respect to Poets and other temperäte Students,
Sevenfold Face, who mafter of it, i. 224.
Soul (the vulgar Soul) its office, iv. 441.
Schools, their homage paid to Dulness, and in what,
iv. 190, &c.


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i. 115.

T TIBBALD, not Hero of this Poem, i. init. Published

an edition of Shakespeare, i. 133. Author, secretly an abettor of Scurrilities against Mr. P. Vide Testi

monies, and List of Books. Thule, a very Northern Poem, puts out a Fire, i. 258. Taylors, a good word for them, against Poets and ill

Paymasters, ii. 118. Thunder, how to make it by Mr. Dennis's Receipt,

ii. 226. Travelling described, and its advantages, iv. 293, &c.

V Verbal Critics. Two Points always to be granted

them, ii. 1. Venice, the city of, for what famous, iv. 308. University, how to pass through it, iv. 255. 289.

W WARD (Edw.) a Poet and Alehouse-keeper in Moorfields, i. 233. What became of his Works, ibid.

-His high opinion of his Namesake, and his respect for the Pillory, iii. 34. Welsted (Leonard), one of the Authors of the

Weekly Journals, abused our author, &c. many years since, ii. 207. Taken by Dennis for a Di

dapper, ibid. The Character, of his Poetry, iii. 170. Weekly Jourhals, by whom written, ii. 280. Whirligiggs, iii. 57: Wizard, his Cup, and the strange Effects of it, iv. 517,



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A LETTER to the Publisher, occasioned by the

First correct Edition of the DUNCIAD, MARTINUS SCRIBLERUS's Prolegomena and

Illustrations to the DUNCIAD, with the Hypercritics of ARISTARCHUS,



The DUNCIAD, in Four Books.
Book I.
Book II.
Book III. .
Book IV.


169 211


I. A Preface prefixed to the five first imperfect editions of the DUNCIAD,

271 11. A list of books, papers, and verses, in which

our author was abused, III. Advertisement to the first Edition with notes, in Quarto, 1729,

284, IV, Ade


IV. Advertisement to the first edition of the

FOURTH Book, when printed separately, 287

V. Advertisement to the complete edition of

VI. Advertisement printed in the Journals


VII. A Parallel of the Characters of Mr. Drr-

DEN and Mr. POPE,



THE END OF Pope's Poems,

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