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NOTES from the various. Critics and COMMENTATORS.

V O L.


Printed for the EDITOR, and fold by J. WENMAN, No. 144, Fleet-ftreot,

and all other Booksellers in Great Britain and Ireland.


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Contents of the Fourth VOLUME,

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LETTERS to and from several Persons from the Year 1711 to 1714.
LET. I. "O the Hon. J. C. Esq. Reflections on the Essay on Cri-

2. To the same. On a Passage of the same Essay

6 3. To the same, against Party Spirit.

8 4. To my Lord Lansdown 5. The Hon. J. C. to Mr. Pope, concerning Betterton's Remains, &c. 12 6. The Answer 7. To — on returning his Letters

IS 8. From the Lord Lansdown

16 9. To Gen. Anthony Hamilton, on his having tranAated the Essay on

Criticism into French Verse



20 21


LETTERS to and from Mr. Steele, Mr. Addison, &c. from the Years

1712 to 1715. LET. 5. Mr. Steelc to Mr. Pope. Of Sir Charles Sedley's Death. The Author's Eclogue on the Melliah

19 2. Concerning a public, private, or mixed Life 3. Of Sickness, and dying young 4. On the Emperor Adrian's Verses on his Death-bed

23 5. From Mr. Steele

25 6.

ib. 7. Of the Emperor Adrian

26 8. From Mr. Steele


ib, je. On Dennis's Remarks on Cato

28 11. From Mr. Addison, concerning Mr. Pope's Tranfation of Homer 29 12. From Mr. Addison, on the fame

30 13. Against Party-fpirit

31 14. Of the Freedom of a Friend. The Incongruity of Man, and the Vanity of the World

33 15. Of the Version of Homer. Party Animosity

35 16. Concerning fome Misunderstandings

37 17. To the Hon.

, concerning Mr. Addison, Philips's Calamny, and Mr. Gay's Pastorals 18. The Vanity of poetical Fame, serious Thoughts 19. Concerning the Translation of Homer 20. To Mr. Jervas, of the same

43 23 To the fame, on the equal and easy Terms of Friendlip

44 27. Mr. Jervas to Mr. Pope concerning Mr. Addison

46 23. The Answer 26. Mr. Pope to the Earl of Halifax


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25. Dr.

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25. Dr. Parnelle, Dr. Berkley, &c. concerning Mr. Pope's Homer
26. To the Hon. James Craggs, Efq; on the same
27. To Mr. Congřive'. Of Sincerity, &c.
28. To the fame. Of the Farce called the What-d'ye-call it
29. To the fame
30. From Mri Congreve




LETTERS to and from several Persons from the Year 1714 10. 1721.


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67 :

LET. I. From the Rev. Dean Berkley to Mr. Pope. Of the Rape of

the Lock; the State of Learning in Italy 2. Mr. Pope to Mr. Jervas 3. To the same 4. To the same 5. The Hon. Mr. Craggs to Mr. Pope i 6. To Mr. Fenton Concerning Mr. Secretary Craggs's Advice to him,

to write; the Author's Manner of passing his Time %. From Dean Berkeley. A Description of the Island Inarime, &c. 68 8. Mr. Pope to - The Author building and planting. Death of several Friends, and particularly of Dr. Garth

70 9. To Mr. on the Circuit

73 30 To the Earl of Burlington. An Account of a Journey to Oxford with Bernard Lintot, a Bookseller

74 I't. To the D. of Buckingham, in Anfwer to his on Bukingham-house 78 12. From the Duke of Buckingham to Mr. Pope, on the Dispute in

France concerning Homer 53. Answer to the former 14. From Dr. Arbu' hnot, after the Queen's Death. Of the Papers of

Scriblerus and Dr. Swift 15. To Dr. Arbuthnot, on his Return from France, and on the Ca.

lumnies about the Odyssey 26. To Robert Earl of Oxford 17. The Earl of Oxford's Answer




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LETTERS to and from Edward Blount, Efq; from the Year 1714 to 1925,
LET. I. Of the Geography of Homer, a Map done by the Author. The

State of the Times; the Siege Barcelona, the Queen's Death ;
the Condition of the English Roman Catholicks. &c.

94 2. From Mr. Blount, Answer to the former. His Temper in Religion

and Politics 3. From Mr. Blount. His Disposition to Quiet ; Reflections on the

Affair of Preston : an Invitation into the Country 4. An Account of the Death of Mr. Wycherley

99 5. Contemplations on the Pleasures of separate Spirits ; on the narrow

Conceptions of Men, &c. 6. Consolations under Persecution ; the Duty of mutual Asistance, &c. 102 From Mr. Blount

105 8. After the Aflair of Prellon; the Author's Removal, &c.








9. TO Mr. Blount, after his Retirement into Flanders. On the History

of Jeffery of Monmouth, &c. 10. On the Death of the Author's Father II. To Mr. Blount 12. On Mr. Blount's Recovery from an Illness: Advice to fell his Eliate 11 13.. Of his Manner of Life in the Country, and of the Author's near town

113 14. A Description of a Grotto

-114 15. On the Approach of Winter, Hospitality, and a cheerful Family is

LETTERS to and from the Hon. Robert Digby from the Year 1717 to 1727.



I 22

LET. 1. After a Fit of Sickness. Of the Tragedy of Gorboduc. The
Author's Progress in translating Homer's liad

118 2. Excuse for writing carelessly. The Humour of the Town 3. From Mr. Digby, Answer to the former 4. On the finishing his Tra'illation of the Iliad. His Situation at Twickenham, &c. The Death of a Friend

a 5. From Mr. Digby. Answer to the former

124 6. From Mr. Digby. On the outh-sea Year

125 7. Answer to the former

126 8. 9, From Mr. Digby, on the same Subject

I 2.7 10. Character of Dr. Arbuthnot, and his Brother. Death of a Friend 128 11. Character of the Digby Family

129 12. Lord Bathursts's Wood; the Camp in Hyde-park; the Bishop of Rochester's Conversation

130 13. A Winter Invitation to a Fire-side

132 14. From Mr. Digby. A Letter of Frindship, &c.

133 15. On the same Subject

135 16. 17. On the Season of Christmas. Customs of Hospitality, &c.

138 18. To the Hon. Edw. Digby on his Brother's Death



LETTERS to and from Dr. Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester, from the

Year 1716 to 1723.

Lit. 1. From the Bishop of Rochester, concerning Mr. Pope's general
Preface to his Works

141 2. From the same

142 3. From the Bishop of Rochester, on Occasion of the Death of Mr. Pope's Father

ib. 4. The Answer $. On the Fate of the South Sea 6. From the Bishop of Rochester. Of Mr. Dryden's Monument. The Arabian Tales. The South-sea Scheme

147 7. From the fame. On a Manuscript of Huetius, and the Epitaph on Mr. Harcourt

149 8. From the Lord Chancellor Harcourt, on the Epitaph of his Son 150 9. From the Bishop of Rochester. On his ill Health, Waller's Verses on Sickness, Mr. Prior's Funeral

ISI From

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