A Phenomenology of Love and Hate

Routledge, 2016 M03 23 - 152 páginas
Using phenomenology to uncover the implicit logic in personal love, sexual love, and hatred, Peter Hadreas provides new insights into the uniqueness of the beloved and offers fresh explanations for some of the worst outbreaks of violence and hatred in modern times. Topics discussed include the value and subjectivity of personal love, nudity and the temporality of sexual love, the connection between personal, sexual love, and the incest taboo, the development of group-focused hatred from individual focused hatred, and prejudicial discrimination. The work encompasses analysis of philosophers and writers from ancient times through to the present day and examines such episodes as the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing and the Columbine High School massacre.

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Personal Love
Sexual Love
The 1995
Prejudicial Discrimination
Conclusion The Logical Underpinnings of Love and Hate
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Peter Hadreas is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy, San José State University, USA

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