The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robert Sanderson, Volumen2

At the Clarendon Press, 1805

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Página 33 - Ah ! my dear God, though I am clean forgot, Let me not love Thee, if I love Thee not.
Página 283 - Scotland, in doctrine, worship, discipline and government, against our common enemies; the reformation of religion in the kingdoms of England and Ireland, in doctrine, worship, discipline and government, according to the Word of God, and the example of the best reformed Churches...
Página 105 - After which answer, he looked up, and saw his wife and nieces weeping to an extremity, and charged them, if they loved him, to withdraw into the next room, and there pray every one alone for him ; for nothing but their lamentations could make his death
Página 285 - ... discovery of all such as have been or shall be incendiaries, malignants, or evil instruments, by hindering the reformation of religion, dividing the king from his people, or one of the kingdoms from another, or making any faction or parties amongst the people, contrary to this League and Covenant ; that they may be brought to public trial, and receive condign punishment, as the degree of their offences shall require or deserve, or the supreme judicatories of both kingdoms respectively, or others...
Página 35 - ... It hath been formerly judged that the domestic servants of the King of Heaven should be of the noblest families on earth. And though the iniquity of the late times have made clergymen meanly valued, and the sacred name of priest contemptible ; yet I will labour to make it honourable, by consecrating all my learning, and all my poor abilities to advance the glory of that God that gave them ; knowing that I can never do too much for him, that hath done so much for me, as to make me a Christian.
Página 101 - Prebends of the Cathedral Church in Salisbury; but by none more devoutly than his wife, his three nieces — then a part of his family — and Mr...
Página 284 - ... of the Parliaments, and the liberties of the kingdoms, and to preserve and defend the King's...
Página 285 - V. And whereas the happiness of a blessed peace between these kingdoms, denied in former times to our progenitors, is, by the good providence of GOD, granted unto us, and hath been lately concluded and settled by both Parliaments ; we shall each one of us, according to our place and interest, endeavour that they may remain conjoined in a firm peace and union to all posterity ; and that justice may be done upon the wilful opposers thereof, in manner expressed in the precedent article.
Página 70 - He informed them also when the priest did pray only for the congregation and not for himself; and when they did only pray for him, as namely, after the repetition of the Creed, before he proceeds to pray the Lord's Prayer or any of the appointed collects, the priest is directed to kneel down and pray for them, saying, 'The Lord be with you.' - And when they pray for him, saying, 'And with thy spirit...
Página 63 - And it is not unlike, but that he renewed those resolutions at his prostration before the holy altar, at his induction into the church of Bemerton ; but as yet he was but a deacon, and therefore longed for the next Ember-week, that he might be ordained priest, and made capable of administering both the sacraments.

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