Catalogue of the Free Public Library of the City of Lawrence, 1873

Geo. S. Merrill & Crocker, 1873 - 341 páginas

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Página vii - All injuries to books, beyond a reasonable wear, and all losses, shall be made good, to the satisfaction of the Library Committee, by the persons liable ; and any book not returned within one week after demand for it, made by the Librarian, shall be regarded as lost.
Página 172 - Bell. 3. The Ark of Elm Island. 4. The Boy Farmers of Elm Island. 5. The Young Shipbuilders of Elm Island. 6. The Hardscrabble of Elm Island.
Página 265 - Lucy Clare. — Hedge of Thorns. — The Recaptured Negro. — Susannah; or, the Three Guardians. — Theophilus and Sophia. — Abdallah, the Merchant of Bagdad. VOL. IV.
Página 110 - Angelina— The Good French Governess — Mademoiselle Panache — The Knapsack — Lame Jervas— The Will— Out of Debt out of Danger— The Limerick Gloves— The Lottery— Rosanna. VOL.
Página 265 - The Mail-Coach ; My Three Uncles; The Old Lady's Complaint ; The Shepherd's Fountain; The Hours of Infancy; Economy; Old Things and New Things; The Swiss Cottage; The Infant's Grave; The Father's Eye ; Dudley Castle; The Blessed Family; Caroline Mordaunt, &c.
Página 3 - H 54 1. Rollo learning to talk. 2. Rollo learning to read. 3. Rollo at Work. 4. Rollo at Play. 5. Rollo at School. 6. Rollo's Vacation. 7. Rollo's Experimentss.
Página 136 - Women ; 7, Lights and Shadows of American History ; 8, Lights and Shadows of European History ; 9, Lights and Shadows of Asiatic History ; 10, Lights and Shadows of African History ; 11, History of the American Indians ; 12, Manners...
Página 265 - 'Hoc Age." — Old Things and New Things.— The Swiss Cottage. — Obstinacy Punished. — The Infant's Grave.— The Father's Eye. —The Red Book.— Dudley Castle. —The Happy Grandmother.— The Blessed Family. — My Godmother. — The Useful Little Girl.— Caroline Mordaunt. — Le Fevre. — The Penny Tract.— The Potters' Common.— The China Manufactory.
Página 136 - Famous Men of Ancient Times ; 3, Curiosities of Human Nature ; 4, Lives of Benefactors ; 5, Lives of Famous American Indians ; 6, Lives of Celebrated Women ; 7, Lights and Shadows of American History ; 8, Lights and Shadows of...
Página 263 - King Richard II. ; King Henry IV., Part First. 4. King Henry IV., Part Second; King Henry V. ; King Henry VI. 5. King Richard III. ; King Henry VIII.; Troilus and Cressida; Timon of Athens; Coriolanus. « 6. Julius Caesar; Anthony and Cleopatra; Cymbeline; Titus Andronicus; Pericles.

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