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p. 105 : "1797. Battle of Cainin in Italy. The French under Murat passed the Tagliamento and attacked the Austrians, who were driven from the village, where the archduke had established his head quarters."

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Página 100 - Higansets, abutting upon .the main land between the two rivers, there called or known by the several names of Connecticut and Hudson's river; together also with the said river called Hudson's river, and all the lands from the west side of Connecticut river, to the east side of Delaware bay.
Página 224 - Their siege was more reasonably directed against the northern and western sides of the city. Godfrey of Bouillon erected his standard on the first swell of Mount Calvary; to the left, as far as St. Stephen's gate, the line of attack was continued by Tancred and the two Roberts; and Count Raymond established his quarters from the citadel to the foot of Mount Sion, which was no longer included within the precincts of the city.
Página 31 - I have seen), which notwithstanding, as it is full of stately speeches and well-sounding phrases, climbing to the height of Seneca's style, and as full of notable morality, which it doth most delightfully teach, and so obtain the very end of Poesy...
Página 480 - I have taken," said Amrou to the caliph, "the great city of the West. It is impossible for me to enumerate the variety of its riches and beauty; and I shall content myself with observing, that it contains four thousand palaces, four thousand baths, four hundred theatres or places of amusement, twelve thousand shops for the sale of vegetable food, and forty thousand tributary Jews.
Página 480 - I shall content myself with observing that it contains 4000 palaces, 4000 baths, 400 theatres or places of amusement, 12,000 shops for the sale of vegetable food, and 40,000 tributary Jews.
Página 408 - Westminster: but it was the joyfullest funeral I ever saw; for' there were none that cried but dogs, which the soldiers hooted away with a barbarous noise, drinking and taking tobacco in the streets as they went.
Página 250 - He spoke fluently at ten months old : at twelve he could recite the principal facts in the Pentateuch ; in two months more he was master of the entire history of the Old and New Testaments ; at two years and a half, he answered the principal questions in geography, and in ancient and modern history ; and he spoke Latin and French with great facility before he had reached his fourth year. His constitution was BO delicate, that he was not weaned till a few months before his death.
Página 78 - Culpeper and his council for printing the laws of 1680. without his excellency's license, and he and the printer ordered to enter into bond in 100£. not to print any thing hereafter, until his majesty's pleasure shall be known.
Página 106 - British discovered a breast work, that had been thrown up in the night at Nook's Hill, on Dorchester peninsula, which perfectly commanded Boston neck, and the south part of the town. Delay was no longer safe. By four in the morning, the king's troops, with those Americans, who were attached to the royal cause, began to embark ; and before ten all of them were under sail. As the rear embarked, general Washington marched triumphantly into Boston, where he was joyfully received, as a deliverer.
Página 431 - Mr. John Carver was now unanimously chosen their governor for one year. Thus did these intelligent colonists find means to erect themselves into a republic, even though they had commenced their enterprise under the sanction of a royal charter ; ' a case, that is rare -in history,* and can be effected only by that perseverance, which the true spirit of liberty inspires.

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