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a n 1. iv. ver. 41. VOL. II,



Dissensions between the Carthaginians and Masinissa, King of Numidia.

AMONG the conditions of the peace granted to the Carthaginians, there was one which enacted, that they should restore to Masinissa all the territories and cities he possessed before the war; and further, Scipio, to reward the zeal and fidelity which that monarch had shown with regard to the Romans, had added to his dominions those of Syphax. This present afterwards gave rise to disputes and quarrels between the Carthaginians and Numidians.

These two princes, Syphax and Masinissa, were both kings in Numidia, but reigned over different nations. The subjects of Syphax were called Masasuli, and their capital was Cirtha. Those of Masinissa were the Massyti: but both these nations are better known by the name of Numidians, which was common to them. Their principal strength consisted in their cavalry. They always rode without saddles, and some even without bridles, whence " Virgil calls them Numide infrani.

In the beginning of the second Punic war, Syphax siding with the Romans, Gala, the father of Masinissa, to check the career of so powerful a neighbour, thought it his interest to join the Carthaginians, and accordingly sent out against Syphax a powerful army under the conduct of his son, at that time but seventeen years of age. Syphax, being overcome in a battle, in which it is said he lost thirty

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