Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey: ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Petrarchismus in England

Druck von J. C. F. Pickenhahn, 1883 - 43 páginas
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Página 24 - The turtle to her make hath told her tale. Summer is come, for every spray now springs: The hart hath hung his old head on the pale; The buck in brake his winter coat he flings; The fishes flete with new repaired scale.
Página 25 - Yea, rather die a thousand times, than once to false my faith. And if my feeble corpse, through weight of woful smart Do fail, or faint, my will it is that still she keep my heart. And when this carcass here to earth shall be refar'd, I do bequeath my wearied ghost to serve her afterward.
Página 24 - ... So am not I, whom love, alas ! doth wring, Bringing before my face the great increase Of my desires, whereat I weep and sing, In joy and woe, as in a doubtful ease. For my sweet thoughts sometime do pleasure bring ; But by and by, the cause of my disease Gives me a pang, that inwardly doth sting. When that I think what grief it is again, To live and lack the thing should rid my pain.
Página 28 - Spite drave me into Boreas' reign, Where hoary frosts the fruits do bite, When hills were spread and every plain With stormy winter's mantle white; And yet, my dear, such was my heat, When others froze, then did I sweat. And now, though on the sun I drive, Whose fervent flame all things decays; His...
Página 22 - I see her pleasant chere in chiefest of thy suit ; When thou art gone, I see him come that gathers up the fruit. And eke in thy respect, I see the base degree Of him to whom she gave the heart, that promised was to thee.
Página 27 - Too dearly had I bought my green and youthful years, If in mine age I could not find when craft for love appears ; And seldom though I come in court among the rest, Yet can I judge in colours dim as deep as can the best.
Página 27 - I wot eke how it works. I know, and can by rote the tale that I would tell ; But oft the words come forth awry of him that loveth well.
Página 33 - THE sudden storms that heave me to and fro, Had well near pierced Faith, my guiding sail; For I that on the noble voyage go To succour truth, and falsehood to assail, Constrained am to bear my sails full low; And never could attain some pleasant gale : For unto such the prosperous winds do blow As run from port to port to seek avail. This bred despair; whereof such doubts did grow That I 'gan faint, and all my courage fail.
Página 26 - Her smiling grace converteth straight to ire; And coward love then to the heart apace Taketh his flight, whereas he lurks and plains His purpose lost, and dare not show his face. For my lord's guilt thus faultless bide I pains; Yet from my lord shall not my foot remove, — Sweet is his death that takes his end by love.
Página 25 - Garret, since all this is true, That from above thy gifts are thus elect, Do not deface them then with fancies new ; Nor change of minds, let not the mind infect : But mercy him thy friend that doth thee serve, Who seeks alway thine honour to preserve.

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