The Miscellaneous Works of Henry Mackenzie, Volumen1

Robert Chapman, 1820

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Página 160 - I care not, fortune, what you me deny : You cannot rob me of free nature's grace ; You cannot shut the windows of the sky, Through which Aurora shows her brightening face ; You cannot bar my constant feet to trace The woods and lawns, by living stream, at eve Let health my nerves and finer fibres brace, And I their toys to the great children leave : Of fancy, reason, virtue, nought can me bereave.
Página 135 - He seized her hand — a languid colour reddened his cheek — a smile brightened faintly in his eye. As he gazed on her, it grew dim, it fixed, it closed — He sighed and fell back on his seat — Miss Walton screamed at the sight — His aunt and the servants rushed into the room — They found them lying motionless together. — His physician happened to call at that instant. Every art was tried to recover them — With Miss Walton they succeeded — But Harley was gone for ever.
Página 133 - She started, as he spoke; but, recollecting herself immediately, endeavoured to flatter him into a belief that his apprehensions were groundless. " I know," said he, " that it is usual with persons at my time of life, to have these hopes which your kindness suggests; but I would not wish to be deceived. To meet death as becomes a man, is a privilege bestowed on few: I would endeavour to make it mine: — nor do I think, that I can ever be better prepared for it than now; — 'tis that chiefly which...
Página 134 - Those sentiments," answered Miss Walton, "are just; but your good sense, Mr. Harley, will own, that life has its proper value. — As the province of virtue, life is ennobled ; as such, it is to be desired. — To virtue has the Supreme Director of all things assigned rewards enough even here to fix its attachment.
Página 24 - ... are the best intelligencers in the world for our purpose : they dare not puzzle us for their own sakes, for every one is anxious to hear what they wish to believe ; and they who repeat it, to laugh at it when they have done, are generally more serious than their hearers are apt to imagine. With a tolerable good memory, and some share of cunning, with the help of walking...
Página 266 - ... the skill of the physician, to guide the speculations of the merchant, and to prompt the arguments of the lawyer; and though some professions employ but very few faculties of the mind, yet there is scarce any branch of business in which a man who can think will not excel him who can only labour. We shall accordingly find, in many departments where...
Página 188 - ... insensible to the pleasures of home, to the little joys and endearments of a family, to the affection of relations, to the fidelity of domestics. Next to being well with his own conscience, the friendship and attachment of a man's family and dependents seem to me one of the most comfortable circumstances in his lot.
Página 132 - ... back on the tenor of my life, with the consciousness of few great offences to account for. There are blemishes, I confess, which deform in some degree the picture. But I know the benignity of the Supreme Being, and rejoice at the thoughts of its exertion in my favour. My mind expands at the thought I shall enter into the society of the blessed, wise as angels, with the simplicity of children.
Página 134 - I am in such a state as calls for sincerity, let that also excuse it — It is perhaps the last time we shall ever meet. I feel something particularly solemn in the acknowledgment, yet my heart swells to make it, awed as it is by a sense of my presumption, by a sense of your perfections...
Página 232 - ... crossed under it. When she spoke of a soldier, it was in a style above her usual simplicity ; there was a sort of swell in her language, which sometimes a tear (for her age had not lost the privilege of tears) made still more eloquent. She kept her sorrows, like the devotions that solaced them, sacred to herself.

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