A chronological account of the history of France. To which is added a biographical dictionary of eminent French characters


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Página 22 - In his dying moments he had the generosity to screen from the mistaken resentment of his court the unfortunate domestic, by imputing his wound to the rage of the animal he pursued. CHARLES the FAT, the next king of the race of Charlemagne, but not the direct heir to the throne, was set aside for utter incapacity within four years, and reduced to such a state of indigence that he was left without a single servant, or the common necessaries of life.
Página 319 - DU), an eminent literary lady of France, and a member of the academies of Rome, Bologna, Padua, Lyons, and Rouen, was born at Rouen, Oct. 22, 1710. She was educated at Paris in the convent of the Assumption, where she made a very rapid progress in every branch of education. At a very early age, she studied the English language, that she might be enabled to transfuse the beauties of Pope's Temple of Fame...
Página 211 - ... declared against Austria and Prussia. Reverses to the French troops caused a popular rising, and the Tuileries, after a sanguinary combat, were taken and sacked. The king took refuge with his family in the Assembly, which was invaded and compelled to submit to the dictation of the victors by assenting to the suspension of the king and the convocation of a National Convention in place of the Assembly. The first act of the Convention was to proclaim a republic. On 3d December the king was cited...
Página 102 - Protestants, before the young King and the court, who were thunderstruck, when Beza declared that the body of Christ was as far removed from the bread and wine, as heaven is from earth. The Huguenots gain but little attention, and depart the kingdom to make proselytes elsewhere. The court at this time, was a scene of compleat dissimulation. The Prince de Condc...
Página 161 - Remember that to him you owe all you possess. Endeavour to preserve peace with your neighbours. I have been too fond of war. Do not you follow my example in that, nor in my too lavish expenditure. Take advice in all things, and endeavour to find out the best, that you may adhere invariably to it. Ease your people as soon as you can, and do that which I have had the misfortune of not being able to do.
Página 317 - A voyage to the World of Descartes," which has been translated into several languages, as has his celebrated History of France, in 7 vols.
Página 293 - ... condemned to be guillotined, which was executed Nov. 29, 1793. Barnave was unquestionably a man of abilities, whatever may be thought of their direction. Mirabeau, to whom he was a rival, and whom he often opposed, was astonished that a young man should speak so rapidly, so long, and so eloquently ; and said of him, " It is a young tree, which will mount high if it be let to grow.
Página 110 - Bourbon was born at the castle of Pau, in the province of Bearn, 13th December, 1553, and, consequently, was 36 years of age when he ascended the throne of France, having previously filled that of Navarre. The Leaguers declare James Clement a martyr. The Duke de Maine refuses the title of king, which he transfers to the Cardinal de Bourbon, then a prisoner to Henry, who now raises the siege of Paris, and poes to Normandy, where he conld receive succour from England.

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