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Very informative about the queen of heaven in Jeremiah 7:18 and Jeremiah 44. When I asked a young priest of ROME why 'Mary' is called the 'queen of heaven', when that term is only used in the Bible in reference to the Mother of BAAL, the Sun God, this young priest finally fell silent, before admitting that "There was an ancient pagan myth about an angry young god who never refused a request of his much more loving, compassionate and merciful MOTHER!"
And later, when I asked him what that had to do with Catholicism, he gulped before meekly saying, "When the ancient ROMAN Empire conquered the surrounding pagan nations, since they were all illiterate, WE couldn't very well give them BIBLEs to read! So WE just gave all their pagan idols and traditions 'Christian' names."
Then he appeared to gulp, as he meekly added, "Thereby WE made Whole Nations 'Christian' overnight."?!?
(I go into a little more depth in "The Priest's Confessions") Soon to be published on the web!)

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