Life in Abyssinia: Being Notes Collected During Three Years' Residence and Travels in that Country, Volumen2


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Página 413 - How beautiful is night! A dewy freshness fills the silent air ; No mist obscures, nor cloud, nor speck, nor stain, Breaks the serene of heaven : In full-orb'd glory yonder Moon divine Rolls through the dark blue depths.
Página 367 - Upon a brow more fierce than that — Sullenly fierce — a mixture dire, Like thunder-clouds, of gloom, and fire ; In which the Peri's eye could read Dark tales of many a ruthless deed ; The ruin'd maid — the shrine profaned — Oaths broken — and the threshold stain'd With blood of guests !— there written, all, Black as the damning drops that fall From the denouncing Angel's pen, Ere Mercy weeps them out again...
Página 97 - He hat been anointed ; and that He himself is the unction. This party is chiefly in Tigre' — the most exasperated one. Their doctrine was that of the last Coptic Abuna. — The second opinion is, that when it is said that Jesus Christ was anointed with the Holy Spirit, it is signified merely that the Holy Spirit accomplished the union of the Godhead with the human nature in the person of Christ. This party is principally to be found in the provinces of Godjam and Lasta. — The third opinion, predominating...
Página 97 - The Christians of Abyssinia are at present divided into three parties, so inimical to each other, that they curse one another, and will no longer partake of the sacrament together. It is one single point of theology that disunites them; but I have so much enlarged upon it in my Journal, that I need only mention it here: it is the unceasing dispute concerning the unction of Jesus Christ.
Página 30 - ... which were to be of equal length. Her design being thus completed, she worked away on it with her pin, which she dug in as far as the thin part would enter, keeping the supply of blacking sufficient, and going over the same ground repeatedly to ensure regularity and unity in the lines. "With some persons the first effect of this tattooing is to produce a considerable amount of fever from the irritation caused by the punctures, especially so with the ladies, from the extent of surface thus rendered...
Página 148 - Bouda was among them. Still, hoping thereby to expose the cheat, I asserted that there was a very celebrated one, and laid the whole string on her face, expecting that she would pretend to feel the effects, and act accordingly ; but, to my surprise and disappointment, she remained quite motionless. Several persons had been round the village to look for some talisman, but only one was found. On its being applied to her mouth she for an instant sprang up, bit at it, and tore it, but then laughed, and...

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