Narrative of a Tour Through Armenia, Kurdistan, Persia, and Mesopotamia: With Observations on the Condition of Mohammedanism and Christianity in Those Countries

Tilt & Bogue, 1840

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Página 78 - O true believers, a fast is ordained you, as it was ordained unto those before you, that ye may fear God. A certain number of days shall ye fast: but he among you who shall be sick, or on a journey, shall jast an equal number of other days.
Página 78 - Koran was sent down from heaven, a direction unto men, and declarations of direction, and the distinction between good and evil. Therefore let him among you who shall be present in this month fast the same month ; but he who shall be sick, or on a journey, shall fast the like number of other days.
Página 85 - ... with their children, in the gayest and richest dresses, strolled through the streets. Friends visited friends and wished them a happy Bairam, or embraced them as they met without, kissing each other on both cheeks. The inferior paid the same deference to the hand of his patron or superior. Effendis on horseback and ladies in arabas covered the bridge between Stamboul and Galata. Strolling players performed with impunity in the highways. The sellers of sweetmeats proclaimed their delicacies, and...
Página 78 - They then give themselves, without restraint, to the pleasures of the palate, and compensate in full measure for the penance of the day by the indulgence of the night. This is continued, according to the law of the prophet, " till they can plainly distinguish a white thread from a black thread by the daybreak,"!
Página 169 - When we sat down to eat, the old Turkish Bey implored a blessing with great solemnity, and rendered his thanks when we arose. Before he left us, he spread his carpet, and offered his evening devotions with apparent meekness and humility ; and I could not but feel how impressive are the Oriental forms of worship when I saw his aged head bowed to the earth in religious homage.
Página 52 - At the end of my first month's residence in Constantinople, I might have promulgated my opinions on Turkish institutions and customs with the utmost confidence. At the end of three months, I began to perceive the fallacy of most of my conclusions, and when six months had passed, I found that I knew next to nothing of the object of my study. But one useful lesson I had learned. I saw that my first judgments had been inaccurate, because they had been formed from a false position. I had begun to study...
Página 169 - ... converse with them on holy things. I have heard them insist with much earnestness on the duty of prayer, when they appeared to have some spiritual sense of its nature and importance. I have sometimes found them entertaining elevated views of moral duty, and looking with contempt on the pleasures of this world. These are indeed rare characters, but I should do injustice to my own conviction if I did not confess that I had found them. In these instances I have been uniformly struck with a strong...
Página 55 - Bishop Southgate adds further: "I have never known a Mussulman, sincere in his faith and devout and punctilious in his religious duties, in whom moral rectitude did not seem an active quality and a living principle.
Página 78 - ... wherefore he turneth unto you and forgiveth you. Now therefore go in unto them ; and earnestly desire that which God ordaineth you, and eat and drink, until ye can plainly distinguish a white thread from a black thread by the daybreak : then keep the fast until night, and go not in unto them, but be constantly present in the places of worship. These are the prescribed bounds of God, therefore draw not near them to transgress them. Thus God declareth his signs unto men, that ye may fear him.
Página 84 - ... peculiar in this distinguished service of the Mussulman liturgy more than some slight deviations of form from the great prayer of Friday. So much of the ample space of the atmeidan as was not occupied by the worshippers was filled with throngs of Turkish maids and matrons, on foot and in arabas, idle spectators of a ceremony of their religion in which they could not participate. The service, which was but little longer than the ordinary service of the morning, being ended, the procession returned...

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