Chronicle of the Cid

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808 - 468 páginas
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Página 407 - But Abishai the son of Zeruiah succoured him, and smote the Philistine, and killed him. Then the men of David sware unto him, saying, "Thou shalt go no more out with us to battle, that thou quench not the light of Israel.
Página 425 - God ! is the Count of Saldana indeed coming?"- — •" Look where he is," replied the cruel King, "and now go and greet him whom you have so long desired to see.
Página 366 - Allí habló un moro viejo, de esta manera hablara: -¿Para qué nos llamas, rey, para qué es esta llamada? -¡Ay de mi Alhama! Habéis de saber, amigos, una nueva desdichada, que cristianos de braveza ya nos han ganado Alhama. -¡Ay de mi Alhama! Allí habló un alfaquí de barba crecida y cana. -Bien se te emplea, buen rey, buen rey, bien se te empleara. -¡Ay de mi Alhama!
Página 434 - Their shields before their breasts, forth at once they go, Their lances in the rest levell'd fair and low ; Their banners and their crests waving in a row, Their heads all stooping down toward the saddle-bow. The Cid was in the midst, his shout was heard afar, * I am Rui Diaz, the Champion of Bivar ; Strike amongst them, gentlemen, for sweet mercies...
Página 435 - Their shields before their breasts, Forth at once they go, Their lances in the rest Levelled fair and low ; Their banners and their crests Waving in a row, Their heads all stooping down Towards the saddle bow. The Cid was in the midst, His shout was heard afar: "I am Rui Diaz, The champion of Bivar; Strike amongst them, gentlemen, For sweet mercies' sake !" There where Bermuez fought Amidst the foe they brake, — Three hundred bannered knights, — It was a gallant show.
Página 395 - ... no puede dormir de noche, nin gustar de las viandas, ni alzar del suelo los ojos, ni osar salir de su casa, nin fablar con sus amigos antes les niega la fabla, temiendo que les ofenda el aliento de su infamia.
Página 448 - There is no honor in your heart, nor truth in what you say ; You cheat your comrade and your lord, you flatter to betray ; Your hatred I despise, your friendship I defy ! False to all mankind, and most to God on high, I shall force you to confess that what I say is true.
Página 445 - He bowed his mane to the earth, his muzzle at his feet. The Cid by the neck and mane drew him to his den, He thrust him in at the hatch, and came to the hall again: He found his knights, his vassals, and all his valiant men ; He asked for his sons-in-law; they were neither of them there. I defy you for a coward and a traitor as you are.
Página 232 - Dona Ximena and her daughters who were awaiting him, when they saw him come riding in ; and he stopt when he came to them, and said, ' Great honour have I won for you, while you kept Valencia this day ! God and the Saints have sent us goodly gain, upon your coming. Look, with a bloody sword, and a horse all sweat, this is the way that we conquer the Moors ! Pray God that I may live yet awhile for your sakes, and you shall enter into great honour, and they shall kiss your hands.

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