Life in the South: A Companion to Uncle Tom's Cabin

T.B. Peterson, 1852 - 144 páginas
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Página 133 - he's dead! m and he's forgiven. Chester, Chester, my dear lord, take me with you !" and falling on his neck, the maniac youth and his victim expired together. Such was the end of Chester Rowton and of Polly Dawson, the beautiful, and until she saw him, the happy belle of Utopia. The struggle was over, and the whole Scotch army was killed or taken captive. Among the former were McLeod and Campbell, the second and third in command; and among the latter General McDonald. This was one of the most decisive...
Página 37 - In such a night Stood Dido with a willow in her hand Upon the wild sea banks and waft her love To come again to Carthage.
Página 39 - May the owner and household make this their loved home — Where religion, the arts, and the laws may invite Future ages to live in sweet peace and delight.
Página 136 - Wilson, who attended upon Miss Vernon, sister to Lady Grosvenor, and maid of honour to the queen, having found means to be admitted into one of the royal apartments, took occasion to break open a cabinet, and rifled it of many valuable jewels, for which she was apprehended, tried, and condemned to die : but through the interposition of her mistress, her sentence was softened into transportation. Accordingly, in the fall of 1771, she was landed in Maryland, where she was exposed to sale and purchased.
Página 52 - Tucker,' have been ringing in my ears from that day to this. I composed a melancholy tune to it ; and it got to be a by-word among all the young people of the country, ' You're too late, Mr. Tucker !' " But who the deuce could she be in love with ? I told over the whole matter to Roanoke ; and he — he was a real gentleman — shed tears when he told me that he loved Miss Sally Jones. He declared that he never had dreamed that I loved her ; and that he never had told his own feelings to her, though...
Página 51 - ve taken it up one side and down another, and then end-wise, and length-wise, and cross-wise, but I can make nothing out of it. It 's cursed, that 'sa fact ; it's filled with all sorts of monstrous villains, and none but villains can get along comfortably in it. Sometimes a bright, smiling innocent creature — like you, Miss Alice — comes into it, and looks as refreshin...
Página 80 - ... upon the bench. What have I done ? what is my crime, that I must be an outcast and an outlaw, hunted from swamp to swamp, with a whole nation for my enemies, and not a' human soul to speak to me in the language of friendship ?" " What have -you done ?" exclaimed Walter ; " why robbed and murdered peaceable and unoffending people, turning your hand against every man, and making for yourself enemies of all mankind.
Página 39 - The building was superior to any of the kind in British America; and the writer of this history, who visited it in 1783, in company with the late renowned and unfortunate Francisco de Miranda, heard that gentleman say it had no equal in South America.
Página 56 - ... each man struck up a different air, which he performed tastefully and accurately, without being in the least confused by the music of the other. Thus they continued, becoming more and more lively and animated, the one pouring himself out on "George Booker," the other carried away by "Killecrankie ;" the one swaying to and fro, patting his feet, and droning with his voice ; the other sitting straight and motionless as to his body, his head thrown back, and his upturned eyes in
Página 79 - The wild man was, at first eight, an ordinary looking negro, whose face, though not entirely black, denoted unmixed blood, and whose features had an expression more intellectual than ferocious. An old hunter, however, would instantly have known him to be a man of the woods, for his skin had that reddish-brown, rusty hue, which constant exposure to the weather produces, and there was about his looks and gait an undefinablc air that showed an untamed and untameable nature.

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