The Life of Frederick the Second, King of Prussia: To which are Added Observations, Authentic Documents, and a Variety of Anecdotes, Volumen2

J. Derbett, 1789
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Página 275 - Where wealth accumulates, and men decay: Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade ; A breath can make them, as a breath has made: But a bold peasantry, their country's pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied. A time there was, ere England's griefs began, When every rood of ground maintained its man...
Página 185 - ... which the king wrote answers in two words on the margin : and thus the affairs of the whole kingdom were expedited in an hour. At eleven the king put on his boots, reviewed his regiment of guards in the garden, and at the same hour the colonels were following his example in their respective provinces. The princes his brothers, the general officers, and one or two chamberlains, dined at his table ; which was as good as it could be in a country where there is neither game, tolerable butcher's meat,...
Página 186 - ... that account. Never did men converse in any part of the world with so much liberty respecting all the superstitions of mankind, and never were they treated with more pleasantry and contempt. God was respected ; but none of those who had deceived men in his name were spared. Neither women nor priests ever entered the palace. In a word, Frederick lived without a court, without counsel, and without ivligious worship.
Página 441 - ANECDOTE or FREDERIC THE SECOND. WHEN Frederic built the palace of Sans Souci, there happened to be a mill which greatly flraitened him in the execution of his plan, and he defired to know how much the miller would take for it. The miller replied, that, for a longferies of years, his family poflefled the mill from father to fon, and that he would not fell it.
Página 184 - ... him, and indeed he almoft wholly drefled himfelf. His room was not inelegant. A rich baluftrade of filver, ornamented with little Cupids tolerably well carved, feemed to enclofe an alcove bed, the curtains of which were vifible, but behind them...
Página 190 - Soon after the peace, his body began to bend, and his head to incline to the right side : by degrees he became very infirm, he was tormented with the gout, and subject to frequent indigestions. All his distempers, however, were borne with invincible patience ; and, till a very short time before his death, he never ceased to attend his reviews, or visit the provinces. He has been...
Página 85 - Protestant, who were about to contract marriage, that if they should have issue, the boys should be educated in the religion of the father, and the girls in that of the mother.
Página 282 - So Athenobius the king's friend came to Jerusalem: and when he saw the glory of Simon, and the cupboard of gold and silver plate, and his great attendance, he was astonished, and told him the king's message. 33 Then answered Simon, and said unto him, We have neither taken other men's land, nor holden that which appertaineth to others, but the inheritance of our fathers, which our enemies had wrongfully in possession a certain time.
Página 184 - At seven his prime minister arrived with a great bundle of papers under his arm. This prime minister was no other than a clerk who had formerly been a soldier and valet-de-chambrc.

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