The Foodspotting Field Guide

Chronicle Books, Mar 18, 2014 - 160 páginas
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This guided journal from Foodspotting—the global online community of recreational foodies—presents 75 must-try dishes from six continents, inviting Foodspotters to seek them out in their own cities and travels. Each of the 75 entries includes a photograph, a description of the dish's origins and ingredients, a pronunciation guide, and fill-in prompts and infographics where readers can record their encounters and taste sensations. A compact, full-color, interactive package featuring a quintessential sampling of the world's cuisine—from ceviche to Wiener Schnitzel to chicken and waffles—The Foodspotting Field Guide redefines culinary tourism for a new generation of food thrill seekers.

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1 Adobo Philippines
2 Alfajor Argentina
3 Arepas Venezuela
4 Baba Poland
5 Bánh Mì Vietnam
6 Baozi China
7 Bibimbap Korea
8 Bone Marrow France
39 Lumpia Philippines
40 Mansaf Jordan
41 Manti Turkey
42 Meat Pie Australia
43 Mochi Japan
44 Momo Nepal
45 Nasi Lemak Malaysia
46 Okonomiyaki Japan

9 Börek Turkey
10 Borscht Ukraine
11 Boxty Ireland
12 Bubble and Squeak United Kingdom
13 Bún bò Huế Vietnam
14 Cacio e Pepe Italy
15 Ceviche Peru
16 Char Kway Teow Singapore
17 Chicken and Waffles United States of America
18 Churros con Chocolate Spain
19 Dim Sum China
20 Döner Kebab Turkey
21 Dosa India
22 Doubles Trinidad
23 Escargot France
24 Faloodeh Iran
25 Galbi Korea
26 Halo Halo Philippines
27 Huarache Mexico
28 Injera Ethiopia
29 Jaffle Australia
30 Katsu Curry Japan
31 Khanom Krok Thailand
32 Khao Soi Thailand
33 Kibbeh Lebanon
34 Kofta Iran
35 Koshary Egypt
36 Kunafa Palestine
37 Laksa Malaysia
38 Larb Laos
47 Pannenkoek Netherlands
49 Pavlova New Zealand
50 Phở Vietnam
51 Pierogi Poland
52 Pinchos Spain
53 Piri Piri Chicken Mozambique
54 Poutine Canada
55 Pupusa El Salvador
56 Raclette Switzerland
57 Ramen Japan
58 Rendang Indonesia
59 Roti Prata India
60 Saganaki Greece
61 Scotch Egg United Kingdom
62 Shakshouka Tunisia
63 Sizzling Sisig Philippines
64 Smørrebrød Denmark
65 SPAM Musubi United States of America
66 Steak Tartare France
67 Sweetbreads Unrecorded
68 Tagine Morocco
69 Taiyaki Japan
70 Takoyaki Japan
71 Tea Leaf Salad Burma
72 Tortilla de Patatas Spain
73 Tteokbokki Korea
74 Wiener Schnitzel Austria
75 Xiao Long Bao China
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Foodspotting is a website and app for finding and sharing great dishes.

April V. Walters, formerly head of community at Foodspotting, is a writer living in San Francisco.

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