Ausführliche Nachricht von den saltzburgischen Emigranten, die sich in America niedergelassen haben. Herausg. von S. Urlsperger, Volumen3

Samuel Urlsperger

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Página 762 - Being the time of the Yearly Meeting of the Children educated in the Charity Schools, in and about the Cities of London and Westminster.
Página 872 - ... of the law of God — constantly coupling the law with sin, death, hell, or the devil; and teaching that Christ delivers us from them all alike. Whereas it can no more be proved by Scripture that Christ delivers us from the law of God than that He delivers us from holiness or from heaven. Here (I apprehend) is the real spring of the grand error of the Moravians. They follow Luther, for better, for worse. Hence their 'No works; no law; no commandments.
Página 872 - ... only, that the Author makes nothing out, clears up not one confiderable Difficulty ; that he is quite shallow in his Remarks on many Paflages , and muddy and confuted almoft on all : But that he is deeply tindhired with Myßicißn throughout , and hence often fundamentally -wrong.
Página 872 - Good works & of the Law of God? Conftantly coupling the Law with Sin, Death, Hell or the Devil?

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