Daniel Revealed

Xlibris Corporation, 2006 M06 28 - 80 páginas
Generations of Christians have pondered the Book of Daniel, seeking the meaning of this most mysterious book of the Bible, Daniel. By author Antiano Dee Silvers, offers an in depth blog or commentary interpretative study. Not only are archaic terms defined in modern English in this reference work, but the author's extensive knowledge of the Scriptures enables him to provide many cross-references to key passages elsewhere in the Bible. You will understand many prophecies and symbols made plan, concerning the book of Daniel. Our understanding is also enhanced by accounts of practices and customs in Daniel era. This is a book that renders the Book of Daniel accessible to Bible students. ANTIANO DEE SILVERS's family has included Apollo Theater dancer Eddie James Silvers I and Fats Domino's saxophone player, Edward James Silvers II. Overcoming a physical handicap, the author earned a B.A. in law and an M.A. in sociology from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. He is presently the minister of a Kansas City Church.

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