The Works of Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England, Volumen4

W. Pickering, 1826
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References ti cookery of the age. Almond milk and pistachio milk. woth a longer look


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Página 487 - ... we have set it down as a law to ourselves, to examine things to the bottom ; and not to receive upon credit, or reject upon improbabilities, until there hath passed a due examination.
Página 418 - IT is certain, that all bodies whatsoever, though they have no sense, yet they have perception : for when one body is applied to another, there is a kind of election to embrace that which is agreeable, and to exclude or expel that which is ingrate...
Página 496 - There was an Egyptian soothsayer, that made Antonius believe, that his genius, which otherwise was brave and confident, was, in the presence of Octavianus Cassar, poor and cowardly : and therefore he advised him, to absent himself as much as he could, and remove far from him. This soothsayer was thought to be suborned by Cleopatra, to make him live in Egypt, and other remote places from Rome. Howsoever the conceit of a predominant or mastering spirit of one man over another, is ancient, and received...
Página 507 - I conceive, is, that it hath most force upon things that have the lightest and easiest motions. And therefore above all, upon the spirits of men : and in them, upon such affections as move lightest ; as upon procuring of love ; binding of lust, which is ever with imagination ; upon men in fear ; or men in irresolution ; and the like.
Página 522 - Paris, there grew upon both my hands a number of warts, at the least a hundred, in a month's space. The English ambassador's lady, who was a woman far from superstition, told me one day, she would help me away with my warts : whereupon she got a piece of lard with the skin on, and rubbed the warts all over with the fat side ; and amongst the rest, that wart which I...
Página xxx - ... of his thoughts. His friend returning, told him plainly that he must thenceforth despair of that grant, how much soever his fortunes needed it. " Be it so," said his lordship ; and then he dismissed his friend very cheerfully, with thankful acknowledgments of his service.
Página 518 - There be many reports in history, that upon the death of persons of such nearness, men have had an inward feeling of it. I myself remember, that being in Paris, and my father dying in London, two or three days before my father's death, I had a dream, which I told to divers English gentlemen, that my father's house in the country was plastered all over with black mortar.
Página 522 - The success was, that within five weeks' space, all the warts went quite away : and that wart, which I had so long endured, for company ; but at the rest I did little marvel, because they came in a short time and, might go away in a short time again, but the going of that which had stayed so long doth yet stick with me.
Página xxiv - I had had from my childhood : then she nailed the piece of lard, with the fat towards the sun, upon a post of her chamber window, which was to the south. The success was, that within five weeks space all the warts went quite away : and that wart tohich I had so long endured, for company.
Página 381 - They have in Turkey a drink called Coffa, made of a berry of the same name, as black as soot, and of a strong scent, but not aromatical, which they take, beaten into powder, in water, as hot as they can drink it; and they take it and sit at it in their cofia-houses, which are like our taverns. This drink comforteth the brain and heart, and helpeth digestion.

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