The Connecticut Wits

Vernon Louis Parrington
Harcourt, Brace, 1926 - 514 páginas
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Página 126 - The sun had long since in the lap Of Thetis taken out his nap, And like a lobster boil'd, the morn From black to red began to turn."* The Imagination modifies images, and gives unity to variety; it sees all things in one, il piu nell
Página 333 - E'en in thy native regions, how I blush To hear the Pennsylvanians call thee Mush ! On Hudson's banks, while men of Belgic spawn Insult and eat thee by the name Suppawn.
Página 284 - For her my tears shall fall ; For her my prayers ascend : To her my cares and toils be given, Till toils and cares shall end. 4 Beyond my highest joy I prize her heavenly ways, Her sweet communion, solemn vows, Her hymns of love and praise.
Página 331 - The yellow flour, bestrewed and stirred with haste, Swells in the flood and thickens to a paste, Then puffs and wallops, rises to the brim, Drinks the dry knobs that on the surface swim; The knobs at last the busy ladle breaks, And the whole mass its true consistence takes.
Página 331 - But, rising grateful to the accustom'd ear, All bards should catch it, and all realms revere. Assist me first with pious toil to trace, Through wrecks of time, thy lineage and thy race ; Declare what lovely squaw...
Página 284 - I LOVE thy kingdom, Lord, The house of thine abode, The Church, our blest Redeemer saved With his own precious blood. 2 I love thy church, O God ! Her walls before thee stand, Dear as the apple of thine eye, And graven on thy hand. 3 For her my tears shall fall, For her my prayers ascend ; To her my cares and toils be given, Till toils and cares shall end.
Página 52 - Though former days produced a plenty : For any man with half an eye, What stands before him may espy ; But optics sharp it needs, I ween, To see what is not to be seen.
Página 38 - Th' opposing galleries of beaux,* To church the female squadron move, All armed with weapons used in love. Like colored ensigns gay and fair, High caps rise floating in the air; Bright silk its varied radiance flings, And streamers wave in kissing-strings ; Each bears th' artill'ry of her charms, Like training bands at viewing arms.
Página 200 - Fair Verna! loveliest village of the west; Of every joy, and every charm, possess'd; How pleas'd amid thy varied walks I rove, Sweet, cheerful walks of innocence, and love, And o'er thy smiling prospects cast my eyes, And see the seats of peace, and pleasure, rise, And hear the voice of Industry resound, And mark the smile of Competence, around!
Página 499 - These persons inculcate a sanctimonious reverence for the customs of their ancestors ; that whatsoever they did, must be done through all time ; that reason is a false guide, and to advance under its counsel, in their physical, moral, or political condition, is perilous innovation...

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