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writings, that though the Salique Law in fome countries prevails with regard to political government, it nowhere extends to intellectual endowments.. But I am well convinced, MADAM, that the little book now laid at your feet, though it may be defpifed by the votaries of pleasure and the patrons of infidelity, as containing none but moral and religious themes; will yet, on that very account, be regarded by your Royal Highness with the greater indulgence.

SUCH is the education with which your Highness is bleffed, and fuch the examples perpetually fhining before your eyes! You are happily taught to believe, that internal greatness is infinitely fuperior to all outward pageantry; and that the character to which a Princefs fhould eminently afpire, is that which a Royal Sage hath finely expreft: "The KING'S DAUGHTER is all-glorious "within." Begging leave to offer unfeigned

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feigned wifhes, and the moft fervent prayers for your Royal Highnefs's temporal and eternal felicity, I am,

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