Cambrian Quarterly Magazine and Celtic Repertory, Volumen3

proprietors, 1831

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Página 238 - Oh friar, grey friar, full rash was thy choice; The stone, the good stone, which away thou hast thrown, Was the stone of all stones, the philosopher's stone !' "The friar looked pale, when his error he knew; The friar looked red, and the friar looked blue; And heels over head, from the point of a rock, He plunged, without stopping to pull off his frock.
Página 167 - Our late ingenious Academician, Wilson, has, I fear, been guilty, like many of his predecessors, of introducing gods and goddesses, ideal beings, into scenes which were by no means prepared to receive such personages. His landscapes were in reality too near common nature to admit supernatural objects.
Página 233 - Mr. Toogood, the co-operationist, who will have neither righting nor praying; but wants to parcel out the world into squares like a chess-board, with a community on each, raising everything for one another, with a great steam-engine to serve them in common for tailor and hosier, kitchen and cook.
Página 273 - That in every city or borough which shall return a member or members to serve in any future parliament, every male person of full age, and not subject to any legal incapacity...
Página 238 - Hold, father, here's store, For the good of the church, and the good of the poor ; " Then he gave him the stone ; but, ere more he could speak, Wrath came on the friar, so holy and meek : He had stretched forth his hand to receive the red gold, And he thought himself mocked by Gwenwynwyn the Bold ; And in scorn of the gift, and in rage at the giver, He jerked it immediately into the river. Gwenwynwyn, aghast, not a syllable spake ; The philosopher's stone made a duck and a drake : Two systems of...
Página 172 - Wilson, without so great a feature, had a more varied and more proportionate power: he observed nature in all her appearances, and had a characteristic touch for all her forms. But though in effects of dewy freshness and silent evening lights, few...
Página 498 - I like the leeke above all herbes and flowers. When first we wore the same the feild was ours. The leeke is white and greene, wherby is ment That Britaines are both stout and eminent ; Next to the lion and the unicorn. The leeke's the fairest emblyn that is wome. Hurl. MS. 1977. The bishop's " Last Good Night," a single sheet satire, dated 1642, has a stanza which runs thus : —
Página 238 - He found it at length, and he made its first proof By turning to gold all the lead of his roof: Then he bought some magnanimous heroes, all fire, Who lived but to smite and be smitten for hire. " With these, on the plains like a torrent he broke; He...
Página 97 - In any age or country, such a prince would be a prodigy. Perhaps there is no example of any man who so happily combined the magnanimous with the mild virtues, who joined so much energy in war, with so remarkable a cultivation of the useful and beautiful arts of peace, and whose versatile faculties were so happily inserted in their due place and measure, as to support and secure each other, and give solidity and strength to the whole character. That such a miracle should occur in a barbarous age and...
Página 232 - He turns all the affairs of this world into questions of buying and selling. He is the Spirit of the Frozen Ocean to everything like romance and sentiment. He condenses their volume of steam into a drop of cold water in a moment.

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