The life of lieutenant-general sir John Moore, Volumen2

J. Murray, 1834
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Página 234 - We thought, as we hollowed his narrow bed And smoothed down his lonely pillow, That the foe and the stranger would tread o'er his head, And we far away on the billow! Lightly they'll talk of the spirit that's gone, And o'er his cold ashes upbraid him — But little he'll reck, if they let him sleep on In the grave where a Briton has laid him.
Página 234 - By the struggling moonbeam's misty light, And the lantern dimly burning. No useless coffin enclosed his breast, Not in sheet nor in shroud we wound him ; But he lay like a warrior taking his rest With his martial cloak around him. Few and short were the prayers we said, And we spoke not a word of sorrow But we steadfastly gazed on the face that was dead, And we bitterly thought of the morrow.
Página 224 - It is as well as it is. I had rather it should go out of the field with me ;" and in that manner, so becoming to a soldier, Moore was borne from the fight.
Página 227 - I hope the People of England will be satisfied! - I hope my Country will do me justice!
Página 234 - Slowly and sadly we laid him down, From the field of his fame, fresh and gory ; We carved not a line, and we raised not a stone — But we left him alone with his glory ! SONG.
Página 236 - During the season of repose, his time was devoted to the care and instruction of the officer and soldier; in war, he courted service in every quarter of the globe. Regardless of personal considerations, he esteemed that to which his country called him the post of honour • and by his undaunted spirit, and unconquerable perseverance, he pointed the way to victory.
Página 233 - Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note, As his corse to the rampart we hurried ; Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot O'er the grave where our hero we buried. We buried him darkly at dead of night, The sods with our bayonets turning ; By the struggling moonbeam's misty light And the lantern dimly burning. No useless coffin enclosed his breast...
Página 231 - Wolfe, his last moments were gilded by the prospect of success, and cheered by the acclamations of victory ; like Wolfe, also, his memory will for ever remain sacred in that country which he sincerely loved, and which he had so faithfully served.
Página 137 - John was directed to send forward the cavalry by land ; but it was left to his discretion whether to march the infantry by land also, or to transport them by sea to Corunna, and form a junction with Sir David Baird's corps there.
Página 235 - for subsequent military fame ; and his ardent mind, while it ' looked forward to those brilliant achieVements for which it was ' formed, applied itself with energy and exemplary assiduity to ' the duties of that station. " ' In the school of regimental duty he obtained that correct ' knowledge of his profession so essential to the proper direction ' of the gallant spirit of the soldier, and he was enabled to estab...

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