Mathew Carey, Editor, Author and Publisher: A Study in American Literary Development

Columbia University Press, 1912 - 144 páginas

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Página 129 - An inquiry into the merits of the principal naval actions between Great Britain and the United States...
Página 103 - I have returned many scores, if not hundreds, of manuscripts of American authors, unopened even, simply from the fact that it is impossible to make the books of most American authors pay, unless they are first published and acquire recognition through the columns of the magazines.
Página 111 - ... still write in support of those claims, I must be blind not to see that a dungeon is my doom. If I write at all, and do not write in support of those claims, I not only degrade myself, but I do a great injury to the rights of the nation by appearing to abandon them. If I remain here, I must therefore cease to write, either from compulsion, or from a sense of duty to my countrymen ; therefore it is impossible to do any good to the cause of my country by remaining in it : but if I remove to a country...
Página 101 - In view of the whole case, your committee are satisfied that no form of international copyright can fairly be urged upon Congress upon reasons of general equity, or of constitutional law ; that the adoption of any plan for the purpose which has been laid before us would be of very doubtful advantage to American authors as a class, and would be not only an unquestionable and permanent injury to the manufacturing interests concerned in producing books, but a hindrance to the diffusion of knowledge...
Página 89 - In answer we very much regret to say that the state of affairs is such as to give very little encouragement to new undertakings. As yet we have not got through the edition of the other work and up to this time it has not returned to us the expense of its publication.
Página 5 - I consider such easy vehicles of knowledge more happily calculated than any other to preserve the liberty, stimulate the industry, and meliorate the morals of an enlightened and free people.
Página 101 - Art," of which Mr. Bryant was made president, and EC Stedman secretary. The primary object of the association was stated to be " to promote the enactment of a just and suitable international copyright law for the benefit of authors and artists in all parts of the world.
Página 39 - The New Olive Branch ; or, An Attempt to establish an Identity of Interest between Agriculture, Manufactures, and Commerce...
Página 7 - ... and mirth. The wretches who are hired, at enormous wages, to tend the sick and convey away the dead, neglect their duty, and consume the cordials which are provided for the patients, in debauchery and riot. A female visage, bloated with malignity and drunkenness, occasionally looked...

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