The Corner Cupboard of Facts for Everybody: Embracing Facts About-I. Things Not Generally Known.-II. Things that Ought to be Known.-III. Things Worth Knowing. The Food We Consume, the Clothing We Wear, the House We Live In, and Facts from the Arts and Sciences, as Well as from Literature, Manufacture, Commerce, Anatomy, Physiology, the Garden and Field. Illustrated with Over 1,000 Engravings: The Whole Forming a Complete Cyclopedia of Useful Knowledge

Dick Fitzgerald, 1859 - 368 páginas
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Página 358 - Tis beauty truly blent, whose red and white Nature's own sweet and cunning hand laid on...
Página 223 - Preposition •? A Preposition is a word placed before a noun or pronoun, to show the relation between it, and some other word or words in the sentence.
Página 37 - Never put off till to-morrow what you can do to-day. 2. Never trouble another for what you can do yourself. 3. Never spend your money before you have it. 4. Never buy what you do not want, because it is cheap ; it will be dear to you.
Página 176 - Look not upon me, because I am black, Because the sun hath looked upon me: My mother's children were angry with me ; They made me the keeper of the vineyards; But mine own vineyard have I not kept.
Página 216 - Or, if with any part of his person he stop the ball, which, in the opinion of the umpire at the bowler's wicket, shall have been pitched in a straight line from it to the striker's wicket, and would have hit it.
Página 244 - February 21, 1787, and was ratified by the conventions of the several states, as follows, viz. : By convention of Delaware...
Página 100 - Elizabeth under the name of the Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies.
Página 216 - If a lost ball be called, the striker shall be allowed six runs ; but if more than six shall have been run before lost ball shall have been called, then the striker shall have all which have been run.
Página 186 - On the north of the equator, their direction is from the north-east, varying at times a point or two of the compass each way : on the south of the equator, they proceed from the southeast. The origin of them is this : the powerful heat of the torrid zone rarefies, or makes lighter, the air of that region ; the air, in consequence of this rarefaction, rises, and to supply its place, a colder atmosphere from each of the temperate zones moves toward the equator.
Página 247 - Then go round again, with the like sweeping stroke downwards, always commencing each successive course a little higher than the upper stroke had extended, till the bottom be finished. This operation, if carefully performed, will frequently make very old paper look almost equal to new. Great caution must be used not by any means to rub the paper hard, nor to attempt cleaning it the cross or horizontal way.

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