The Encyclopedia of World History: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern, Chronologically Arranged

William L. Langer, Peter N. Stearns
James Clarke, 2001 - 1243 páginas
Completely revised and updated; easy-to-read new design; more than 20,000 concise entries; 52 maps for easy reference; 66 genealogical tables; multiple cross-references between entries; comprehensive index for quick searches; incisive overviews of each era and region. For decades William L. Langer's best-selling Encyclopedia of World History was the indispensable, authoritative guide to all of human history. Now, under the direction of a distinguished new editor, comes an updated and dramatically improved version for a new generation, including for the first time a fully searchable CD-ROM of the complete text. The result is a wholly accessible, absorbing canvas of world history that no student, scholar or amateur historian should be without. Renowned academic Peter N. Stearns and thirty other prominent historians have combined their expertise over the past ten years to perfect this comprehensive chronology of human events. The scope of its 1,200 pages is truly world-wide, and its 20,000 entries span the millennia from prehistoric times to the year 2000. Featuring chronological entries grouped by geographic region, the Encyclopedia allows readers to get an in-depth view of distinct events along with a virtual timeline of human history. But this new edition is much more than the expansion of a classic; it reflects important recent changes in historical trends and historical thinking. In addition to showcasing traditional facts of national leadership and state power, the Encyclopedia embraces social and cultural developments, non-European history, women's history, religion, health, economics, technology, and other vital but less often reported aspects of the human drama. Here is a chronicle not only of major political events, but of ordinary people, covering shifts in the relationships between men and women, developments in leisure, and demographic currents. And for all periods there are summaries of global developments that cannot be captured in national or regional frameworks. As the editor notes in his preface: "The world we know historically has greatly changed. The revisions that animate this edition celebrate this change, benefiting from the labours of countless venturesome scholars over the past several decades." A masterwork with roots dating back to the 19th Century, this new edition will be recognised as the most comprehensive and up to date account of world history for years to come. The Encyclopedia of World History belongs at the elbow of every history lover and of anyone who has ever been curious about our constantly changing, remarkably diverse human story.

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