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Parrer domesticus.
Brindley. Hn On the regeneration of the legs in the Blattidae.

Wilson EB). Considerations cell-lineage -- .

Welcox En Chromatic Tetrads. - Ward H.B) Zoology in the High - School Curriculum. Davenport (C.B. & Perkins (H.) A contribution to the study of

Geotaxis in the higher animals. 7. Davenport (CB) The

role of water in growth.
5 Graf. (A) The individuality of the cell (Abstract)
7. Bumpus H.C). The breeding of animals at Woods Holl

o Minot C.s) The work of the naturalist in the World
1. Norman (Rev)
12. Me
he Clure CF.W). The funer structure of the nerve cells

the nerve cells of Invertebrates. I. Gastropoda 13. Potter (m.c). Note on an Alga (termatophyton radicans , Peter)... 14. Ancient cave-men (the) of Devonshire. (Kents Hole. ) 15 Turner (sir W.) Address to the Anthropological section of the Brit. Assoc. 1859

On Heredity. 16. Wherry (G.) On Spiral growth. 17

Buchanan (8.) A retrospect of Oceanography...
18. Hartog (M. M.) The fundamental principles of heredity.
19. Vines $. 4.) Metamorphosis in Plants.

Maust C.S.) Cephalic homologies.
Regles de la Nomenclature Zoologique proposies Congião

de Cambridge ...


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