The Adventures of Hajji Baba, of Ispahan, in England, Volumen1

J. Murray, 1828 - 306 páginas
Tale of a fictitious courtier of the Qajar Shah Fatih Ali Khan.

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Página 190 - Among the signs of his power are the night, and the day, and the sun, and the moon. Worship not the sun, neither the moon: but worship God, who hath created them; if ye serve him.
Página 178 - And speak unto the believing women, that they restrain their eyes, and preserve their modesty, and discover not their ornaments, except what necessarily appeareth thereof: and let them throw their veils over their bosoms, and not show their ornaments, unless to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husbands' fathers, or their sons, or their husbands' sons, or their brothers, or their brothers...
Página 172 - Hindostan. Bewildered with this complication of real kings, and little kings, viziers, sitters upon chairs, and sitters upon stools, we held the finger of suspense upon the lip of astonishment, and pondered upon all we had heard, like men puzzling over a paradox. At length our visiters took their leave, and the ambassador promised that he would shortly fix a day for getting better acquainted with,
Página 8 - I am offended with you, and not without reason. What for you write Hajji Baba, sir ? King very angry, sir. I swear him you never write lies ; but he say, yes — write. All people very angry with you, sir. That very bad book, sir. All lies, sir. Who tell you all these lies, sir ? What for you not speak to me ? Very bad business, sir. Persian people very bad people, perhaps, but very food to you, sir.
Página 204 - ... of England. The ambassador then described his adventures : — Never had man seen so much in so short a space of time. A king on a throne ; dresses of all descriptions ; gold, silver, velvet ; sticks, swords, and gold maces ; men with extraordinary wigs sprinkled with dust ; a multitude of omrahs, with scarlet and ermine cloaks ; a rush of men, with a kedkhoda, covered with false hair, at their head ; and to crown all, women !
Página 189 - ... doubtful whether any compass we might procure from the deriders of our faith would set us in the right way : and even whether it might not purposely mislead us, by pointing to some impure spot, instead of the sacred shrine of our holy Prophet. Then, to his utter dismay, he had not seen the sun once since our arrival ; and he was seriously apprehensive that the accounts which, in Persia, were currently believed concerning Frangistan were about being realized, and that England, in fact, had no...
Página 10 - Reflection will succeed anger ; and with reflection who knows what changes may not be effected?
Página 171 - On further explanation, the strangers learn that, though the personages who visited them, 'possessed kingdoms, they were not in fact kings ; that the revenues of these kingdoms did not belong to them, but to others who enjoyed the fruits of them ; that they were partly concerned in occasionally sending out a king, or firman...

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