The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser, Volumen4

C. C. Little and J. Brown, 1839
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Página 259 - Upon the pillours of eternity, That is contrayr to Mutabilitie : For all that moveth doth in change delight: But thence-forth all shall rest eternally With Him that is the God of Sabbaoth hight: O that great Sabbaoth God graunt me that Sabaoths sight!
Página 215 - Ne spareth he the gentle Poets rime ; But rends without regard of person or of time.
Página 169 - All they without were raunged in a ring, And daunced round ; but in the midst of them Three other Ladies did both daunce and sing, The whilest the rest them round about did hemme, And like a girlond did in compasse stemme...
Página 158 - In vaine," said then old Melibee, " doe men The heavens of their fortunes fault accuse ; Sith 1 they know best what is the best for them : For they to each such fortune doe diffuse, As they doe know each can most aptly use. For not that, which men covet most, is best ; Nor that thing worst, which men do most refuse ; But fittest is, that all contented rest With that they hold : each hath his fortune in his brest.
Página 10 - Of court, it seemes, men courtesie doe call, For that it there most useth to abound ; And well beseemeth that in princes hall That vertue should be plentifully found, Which of all goodly manners is the ground, And roote of civill conversation...
Página 239 - To hide the terror of her uncouth hew From mortall eyes, that should be sore agrized; For that her face did like a lion shew, That eye of wight could not indure to view...
Página 27 - Thereto great helpe dame Nature selfe doth lend; For some so goodly gratious are by kind, That every action doth them much commend, And in the eyes of men great liking find, Which others that have greater skill in mind, Though they enforce themselves, cannot attaine; For everie thing to which one is inclin'd Doth best become and greatest grace doth gaine : Yet praise likewise deserve good thewes enforst with paine.
Página 170 - Such was the beauty of this goodly band, Whose sundry parts were here too long to tell ; But she that in the midst of them did stand Seem'd all the rest in beauty to excell...
Página 389 - Ne with his feete their silken leaves deface ; But pastures on the pleasures of each place. And evermore with most varietie, And change of...
Página 259 - Of Mutability, and well it way, Me seemes, that though she all unworthy were Of the heav'ns rule, yet, very sooth to say, In all things else she beares the greatest sway: Which makes me loath this state of life so tickle, And love of things so vaine to cast away; Whose flowring pride, so fading and so fickle, Short Time shall soon cut down with his consuming sickle.

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