The works of Edmund Spenser, ed. by J.P. Collier, Volumen4

Bell and Daldy, 1862
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Página 338 - Is layd abed, and no where now to see; And in her roome unseemly Sorrow sits, With hollow browes and greisly countenaunce, Marring my joyous gentle dalliaunce.
Página 282 - Then came old January, wrapped well In many weeds to keep the cold away...
Página 46 - OF Court, it seemes, men Courtesie doe call, For that it there most useth to abound ; And well beseemeth that in Princes hall That Vertue should be plentifully found, Which of all goodly manners is the ground, And roote of civill conversation...
Página 243 - So now he raungeth through the world againe, And rageth sore in each degree and state ; Ne any is that may him now restraine, He growen is so great and strong of late, Barking and biting all that him doe bate, Albe they worthy blame, or cleare of crime ; Ne spareth he most learned Wits to rate, Ne spareth he the gentle Poets rime ; But rends, without regard of person or of time.
Página 62 - WHAT vertue is so fitting for a knight, Or for a Ladie whom a knight should love, As Curtesie; to beare themselves aright To all of each degree as doth behove ? For whether they be placed high above Or low beneath, yet ought they well to know Their good; that none them rightly may reprove Of rudenesse for not yeelding what they owe : Great skill it is such duties timely to bestow.
Página 281 - Next was November; he full grosse and fat As fed with lard, and that right well might seeme; For he had been a fatting hogs of late, That yet his browes with sweat did reek and steem, And yet the season was full sharp and breem : In planting eeke he took no small delight.
Página 288 - I well consider all that ye have sayd, And find that all things stedfastnes doe hate And changed be: yet being rightly wayd, They are not changed from their first estate; But by their change their being doe dilate: And turning to themselves at length againe, Doe worke their owne perfection so by fate: Then over them Change doth not rule and raigne; But they raigne over Change, and doe their states maintaine.
Página 278 - And backward yode, as bargemen wont to fare Bending their force contrary to their face ; Like that ungracious crew which faines demurest grace.
Página 469 - What more felicitie can fall to creature Than to enjoy delight with libertie, And to be lord of all the workes of Nature, To raine in th...
Página 338 - And him beside sits ugly Barbarisme, And brutish Ignorance, ycrept of late Out of dredd darknes of the deepe Abysme, Where being bredd, he light and heaven does hate : They in the mindes of men now tyrannize, And the faire Scene with rudenes foule disguize.

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