Letters of Philip Dormer, Fourth Earl of Chesterfield, to His Godson and Successor

Clarendon Press, 1890 - 320 páginas
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Página 203 - ON A GIRDLE THAT which her slender waist confined Shall now my joyful temples bind : No monarch but would give his crown His arms might do what this has done. It was my Heaven's extremest sphere, The pale which held that lovely deer : My joy, my grief, my hope, my love Did all within this circle move. A narrow compass ! and yet there Dwelt all that's good, and all that's fair : Give me but what this ribband bound, Take all the rest the Sun goes round.
Página 227 - Nil admirari prope res est una, Numici, solaque quae possit facere et servare beatum.
Página 167 - Humanity inclines, religion requires, and our moral duties oblige us, as far as we are able, to relieve the distresses and miseries of our fellow-creatures ; but this is not all, for a true heart-felt benevolence and tenderness will prompt us to contribute what we can to their ease, their amusement, and their pleasure, as far as innocently we may. Let us, then, not only scatter benefits, but even strew flowers for our fellow-travellers, in the rugged ways of this wretched world...
Página 172 - ... in your own room. This is a difficult point to hit, and therefore deserves great attention, nothing but a long usage of the world, and in the best company can possibly give it.
Página 176 - ... and rough among one another. In company, every woman is every man's superior, and must be addressed with respect — nay more, with flattery — and you need not fear making it too strong. Such flattery is not mean on your part, nor pernicious to them, for it can never give them a greater opinion of their beauty or their sense than they had before; therefore, make the dose strong — it will be greedily swallowed.
Página 215 - Je suis jeune, il est vrai, mais aux âmes bien nées La valeur n'attend pas le nombre des années.
Página xliv - I wish you, unless he gives you at the same time at least an equal portion of judgment to keep it in good order, wear it, like your sword, in the scabbard, and do not brandish it to the terror of the whole company.
Página 32 - Nam ceterae neque temporum sunt, neque aetatum omnium, neque locorum : haec studia adolescentiam alunt, senectutem oblectant ; secundas res ornant, adversis perfugium ac solatium praebent ; delectant domi, non impediunt foris ; pernoctant nobiscum, peregrinantur, rusticantur.
Página 140 - Flavia the least and slightest toy Can with resistless art employ. This Fan in meaner hands would prove An engine of small force in love ; But she, with such an air and mien, Not to be told or safely seen, Directs its wanton motions so, That it wounds more than Cupid's bow ; Gives coolness to the matchless dame, To every other breast a flame.
Página 191 - ... knew a man who had a story about a gun, which he thought a good one, and that he told it very well. He tried all means in the world to turn the conversation upon guns ; but, if he failed in his attempt, he started in his chair, and said he heard a gun fired; but when the company assured him they heard no such thing, he answered, perhaps then I was mistaken ; but, however, since we are talking of guns — and then told his story, to the great indignation of the company. Become, as far as with...

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