The Ancient Halls of the City Guilds

G. Bell and sons, 1903 - 208 páginas

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Página 30 - Timbs, of early sixteenth century work, was silver-gilt, decorated with fret-work and female busts ; the feet, flasks ; and on the cover is the popular legend of an unicorn yielding its horn to a maiden. The whole is enamelled with coats of arms, and these lines — " To elect the Master of the Mercerie hither am I sent, And by Sir Thomas Leigh for the same intent.
Página 124 - Whityngton, the late mayor, declared that the brewers had ridden into the country and forestalled the malt, to raise its price, they were convicted in the penalty of £20 ; which objecting to, the masters were ordered to be kept in prison in the Chamberlain's company, until they should pay it, or find security for payment thereof.' Whereupon, the Mayor and Court of Aldermen, having ' gone homeward to their meat,' the masters who remained in durance tablet which are now taken away.
Página 182 - On the annual aquatic procession of the lord mayor of London to Westminster, the barge of the company of Stationers, which is usually the first in the show, proceeds to Lambeth palace ; where they receive a present of sixteen bottles of the archbishop's prime wine.
Página 139 - Hall, where they are building it new, very fine ; and there to see their theatre, which stood all the fire, and, which was our business, their great picture of Holbein's, thinking to have bought it, by the help of Mr. Pierce, for a little money : I did think to give £200 for it, it being said to be worth £1,000 ; but it is so spoiled that I have no mind to it, and is not a pleasant, though a good picture.
Página 194 - Nigh where Fleet Ditch descends in sable streams, To wash his sooty Naiads in the Thames, There stands a structure on a rising hill, Where tyros take their freedom out to kill.
Página 65 - That it was great pity but it should be renewed, especially in courts and amongst magistrates, not only for the restoring of an old worshipful art and company, but also because they are for our climate wholesome, delicate, grave, and comely, expressing dignity, comforting age, and of long continuance; and better with small cost to be preferred than those new silks, shags, and rags, wherein a great part of the wealth of the land is hastily consumed.
Página 145 - Cheepe, in manner aforesaid, to the pillory, and let him be put upon the pillory, and remain there at least one hour in the day ; and the third time that such default shall be found, he shall be drawn, and the oven shall be pulled down, and the baker made to forswear the trade within the City for ever.
Página 100 - Well, which lasted eight days, and was of matter from the creation of the world.
Página 203 - I do not inveigh," says honest John, " against any conveyances that belong to persons of worth or quality, but only against the caterpillar swarm of hirelings. They have undone my poor trade whereof I am a member ; and though I look for no reformation, yet I expect the benefit of an old proverb, ( Give the losers leave to speak.
Página 177 - ... that WE, considering and manifestly perceiving that several seditious and heretical Books, both in verse and prose, are daily published, stamped, and printed, by divers scandalous, schismatical, and heretical persons, not only exciting our subjects and liege-men to sedition and disobedience against us, our crown, and dignity, but also to the renewal and propagating very great and detestable heresies against the faith and sound Catholic doctrine of Holy Mother, the Church, and being willing to...

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