Refugium Botanicum: Or, Figures and Descriptions from Living Specimens, of Little Known Or New Plants of Botanical Interest, Volumen1

William Wilson Saunders
J. van Voorst, 1869

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Página 8 - RYE (Secak cereale). ERGOT (Claviceps purpurea). This fungus disease attacks the ovary and transforms it into a purplish-black mass about half an inch long and an eighth of an inch in diameter. This mass is known as "ergot" and is a storage organ of the fungus. The spring following its formation this "ergot" produces a number of little stalks which bear the spores.
Página 64 - Leaves ohovate-spathulate, eight to twelve aggregated towards the apex of the stem in a lax rosette, the largest three to three and a half inches long by an inch and a half broad...
Página 4 - I allude chiefly to succulent plants generally, bulbous plants of various Families, Orchids, Aroids, Bromeliads...

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